When it’s rainy or cold weather and hold races racing gliders with the engine or rubber motor there is no opportunity, there comes a time of some discouragement. However, if there is at least a small pool or precast aquadrome in the school hall or club is a gambling competition in new aquaplane with the serial motor on the C02 will be quite appropriate and, as it turns out, a very interesting exercise for young modelers. Today we introduce readers to the “Modeller-designer” with such sudomodel, equipped with domestic motor DP-0,3. It appearance close to aquablade “Formula”. The boys glee club really like these microcamera. Easy manufacturing, ability to work with power system
the rapidity of the progress and the spectacle of competition — advantages of the new subclass. In addition to cans from household siphon, no other fuel is required. As an advantage it should also be noted the easy availability of materials and the simplicity of organizing classes at the boat school, club or children’s recreation. Without much hassle, the model can be done at home.
The design of the proposed aerolizer checked it multiple repetition and successes in races on aquadrome. All the details a snap. This two mirror symmetrical housing connected by a deck on which is placed the imitation of the cab driver and a strut-pylon with the engine and feed the “tank”-tank. The hull, deck, cabin, and a pilot is best to cut out melkosortnogo packing foam (so easy to find in boxes from-under TVs, video and audio equipment or computers). Blanks are cut with a knife or blade of suitable pieces and small skin vislatvijas to precise dimensions (the skin is recommended to stick to smooth a piece of wood or foam). Of the pylon and engine mounts, and deck bearing are cut from wood or plywood. The symbols under the figures are the best materials. However, if it is not always possible to acquire them, feel free to use the ones that you could find. No plywood — use a thin plate and Reiki.
For gluing the foam parts, use adhesives such as “Moment,” PVA-M, latex, and wood — waterproof glue or epoxy resin. All wooden parts several times cover nitrocellulose lacquer or transparent nitrocream, diluted with a small amount of solvent or nitropaints. The foam does specially protect from water do not need.
For a good appearance model color it. The most suitable are water-based paints latex-based (you can buy them in stores household chemicals). Of white latex paint to the desired color by adding powdered pigments.
To adjust the model is mainly used decimation axis of the engine. But may also need a wheel. It is cut from thick postcards or calendars, which two sides are painted nitro and glued into one of the buildings. Recently, the calendars are printed on thin plastic plates and the wheel of such a material is excellent.
R and S. 1. Hydroplane with motor, liquefied carbon dioxide
R and S. 1. Hydroplane with motor, liquefied carbon dioxide:
1 — case (foam PSV), 2 — cabin (foam PSV), 3 — the canopy (photographic film or Dacron), 4 — the pilot (foam), 5 — motor mount (plywood 2 mm), 6 — serial DP micro-0,3, 7 — score o n-“tank”, 8 — strut-pylon (plywood 2 mm), 9 — strengthening of the joint (triangular fake rake), 10 — wheel, 11 — deck support (plywood 1 mm), 12 – the bridge (foam PSV).
Fig. 2. Case.
Fig. 2. Body.
Fig. 3. Strut-pylon and engine mount.
Fig. 3. Strut-pylon and engine mount.

Fig. 4. The bridge
Fig. 4. The bridge.
Fig. 5. Cabin.
Fig. 5. Cabin.
The propulsion system nedorabatyvayut us. Particular attention is drawn only on a careful balancing of staff of the air screw. On motorhome engine is only for regular foot Carter with small screws, in accordance with the recommendations of instructions to the DP was 0.3. Widespread in the recent “fashion” on a homemade mounting options of engine crankcase on models, we consider it factually justified. In addition, staff fixing scheme allows you to quickly adjust vykos axis of the propeller.
A well-established model immediately after starting to go to the planing (without any noticeable departure from a given at the start of the course) and pass up to 25 meters distance on one tank “tank”tank. If the length of the water area is smaller than this value, we recommend for the safety of the nasal parts of the buildings set at the finish of the grid (e.g. table tennis).
As evaluation criteria for the competition are: bench — to determine the quality of manufacture and finish, and compliance with size standard power plant; chassis — identification speed and accuracy rate of aquaplaned a few rounds. The winners will be determined in two results — poster rating plus best rate for the tour.
V. KUZNETSOV, head of the society of ship modelling

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