FUNNY TOPTANCIKids like stilts, but not in any age they are available to them: kids are difficult to be controlled by them. And unsafe: some no, but height, but still sticks… But these are unusual Walker-toptanci, which encourages to make children the French magazine “System D”, suitable to any of them. Simple plank Yes, a rope loop — and how much joy and fun they will bring the kids!

Here the manifestation of a certain skill, and fun steps, and the element of competition (who is more bright?!) — all fascinates kids. And besides, you feasible to be a part of yourself with the older children or adults unprecedented in the manufacture of play equipment.
How and from what?
As the main material for preparations suitable scraps of boards or chipboard. Consider a projectile of chipboard. It may be some trimming of appropriate size, however, for technological clarity, we choose the three square panels with dimensions of 160×160 mm. In principle, all three can be “raspolovinit”, sawn each along: get six half pieces. However, again for clarity, we choose to work with the following sequence of actions.
On two panels raschertite future parts as shown in photo 1. On one half with the help of a compass we denote rounding to the details, which will be called conditionally “the deal” another in the middle draw a transverse line: after cutting out the halves are formed two parts, which we call “spacers”. On the third panel longitudinal line and radii (with a compass) outline the missing two imprint for the second toptone.
Figure 3 shows the preparation of holes for connection sledkov with vertical spacers, which you need to prepare the return holes for the connecting screws (photo 5).
On spacers, in addition, in the center of the surface (photo 4) drill with a diameter of 10 mm is performed through holes for rope loops.
Proceed to the Assembly
To connect sledkov with spacers, in addition to screws, we use PVA glue, which promazhem as the corresponding edges of the spacers, and the response sledkov edge (photo 5). Now, putting the imprint on the spacer and aligning the pre-drilled holes in it, screwed a thin but long screws (photo 6). So sequentially connecting the workpiece at both toptunov. This is followed by drying and final trimming with a sandpaper.
Brings beauty
Kids love bright things, so ready toptanci need fancy paint. This can be done in nitro enamel and oil paint, for example, orange or red. The paint held up better should not impose a single layer, starting with slightly diluted, more liquid paint as a primer to be absorbed into CPD (photo 7). After drying apply another layer and again dried.
Remains threaded through the holes in the spacer, a strong rope loop and proceed to the trials and fun of mastering this fun projectile.

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