GLOWING CORRIDOR, STRETCHING INTO INFINITYAt first glance, this mirror is no different from the ordinary, but should turn invisible miniature lamp, it will surely surprise you and your friends a sparkling Vista of lights receding into the distance.

The secret is that the mirror is double, it consists of a frame with conventional mirrors and mounted behind glass, fixed in the front part of the frame, and trailing smoke from two or four Christmas garlands mounted between the mirror and glass.
The frame is in two parts: external and internal. The last is collected from a peripapillary bars or plywood strips section 12×70 mm. In each band of drilled holes — the diameter should correspond to rounds of miniature lamps, and the distance between holes depends on their number.
The external frame does not differ from the internal, the only openings in it, drilling is not necessary. And the first and second are going to glue with small nails.
The lamp sockets are inserted flush with the surface of the inner frame and are fixed in the holes to barking. Then the inner frame is nested in the outer, and both are connected to the front panel sheet of plywood 4 mm thick sawn through with a window size of an internal frame.
Assembling the frame of the mirror
The Assembly of the frame of the mirror:
1 — outer frame 2 inner frame 3 to the front panel.

Installation of garlands on the inner frame of the mirror.
Installation of garlands on the inner frame of the mirror.
Assembling the mirror
The Assembly of the mirror:
1 — back panel, 2 foam strip, 3 — mirror, 4 — adhesive tape “under the tree”, 5 — frame mirror, 6 glass, 7 — borders.

The next step is covering the frame with self-adhesive film “under the tree”. To start working comfortably with the rear surface of the frame, then passing on the inside and then on the front panel. Last film is covered with the outer frame.
Now install the bulbs, push the switch and connecting wires.
Front glass fixed polished aluminum corners, provernutye to the frame using pan head screws. The mirror is mounted on a panel (plywood, 4 mm thick), which provorachivaetsya to the frame with screws.

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