GOLF... AT A GLANCEOne who has seen how you play in real Golf, involuntarily amazed at the skill of the players, uhitryaetsya exact impact bits to send a small ball through a huge grass field as close as possible to a small hole and then gently guide him into it. This game is not only develops in its participants the skill and accuracy, but also teaches them peace, endurance, patience.


We offer miniature game resembles the game of Golf. Here, too, there are holes, and the balls and the goal is similar: to ensure that all the balls were in the holes. And this is not achieved without patience, precise movements and aging.
Set to play is a body — a small box with a transparent window, behind which is visible a kind of circular maze with communicating cells, the cameras, which are located in the middle of a small pit-holes and shifty with rocking corps balls. Seven holes and seven: six in the cells and the seventh in the center of the labyrinth Task: changing the slopes of the body, to ensure that all the balls took their hole.
The production of this mini-course is not difficult. Collect the body from any available sheet material: thin plywood, cardboard, plastic. And the goals will serve as small balls from ball bearings.
Mini Golf:
1 — bottom panel 2 — intermediate panel-maze; 3 — window film or plastic; 4 — upper panel-cover

The body is made up of three panels and a film or plastic transparent square Windows. Bottom and top panel with circular cutout can be a single layer, and the middle panel-the maze should have a thickness slightly greater than the diameter of the used balls that they moved freely in the cells of the maze. The required thickness of the middle pane — maze can be obtained gluing together several similar workpieces. On the bottom panel are marked serverlists small holes — the holes under the balls.
All the elements overlap each other in the shown sequence. The solidity can be obtained with the help of glue or the edging tape (e.g., duct tape).
The winner of the game is the one who will be able quickly place the holes all or the greatest number of balls over time.

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