It is not only convenient for travelers: the presence in the room rocking chairs gives the home a special warmth. However the classic design includes many complex curved elements, therefore, almost inaccessible to the independent production. But modern materials allow to simplify the technology, preserving all the dignity and even the appearance of rocking. And that, above all, as evidenced by the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster”, with the ability to use for sidewalls thick plywood or particle Board: cut a single sheet shaped parts, which replaces a set of traditional curved elements.

The manufacture of the sidewalls.
You will need two sheet of plywood 15 mm thick or particle Board dimensions 1000×800 mm For each sheet on the scale of the grid is transferred to the pattern sidewall. Sawing is convenient to perform a jigsaw, but can be manually pointed with a hacksaw.
In the same way you get two rack sidewalls. With sides they are connected to the furniture bolts at three points, thereby enhancing in these places the design of the sidewalls. Stands serve both as supports for the slats of the backrest.
Mount cross members.
Actually cross the four chairs: two of them, size 500x45x30 mm are installed under the seat front and back, stapling the sides; the other, the size 470x45x30 mm connected to uprights (top and bottom under the seat).
There is another detail cross — tripping. This is a round rod with a diameter of 30 mm, as well as connecting with the sidewalls.
The attachment points of all cross parts are the same. First they drilled axial holes with a diameter of 7 mm (under furniture bolts М6х45); then, perpendicular to these holes with a diameter of 10 mm (under cage cylindrical nuts).
To build the corresponding holes drilled in the sidewalls and in the stands. After screwing the prepared elements it results in rigid design, ready-to-install seat.
The Assembly of the seat.
It is assembled from strips size mm. 500x30x25 That part of them which relates to the back, attached thin nails to the upper half racks. The seat will need two additional support items (let’s call them cargame.) It is somewhat curved (the sawing of the boards or mentioned sheets) strap attached to the sides with screws and glue. To sargam Reiki also nailed with a maximum retraction of hats. For greater strength of attachment instead of nails can be used thin screws with pre-drilling them holes in the rails and cargo.
Finish the chair.
Here, as they say, variants are possible, depending on available materials or taste of the manufacturer. For example, the sides can simply be painted with enamel brown and the tie bar and the rail seat is soaked with wood stain and coated with clear furniture varnish (or stain, if wood pattern slats winning itself).
In any case all details are previously subjected to a thorough treatment of sandpaper and even tsiklej, to obtain a flat, smooth surface.
Rocking chair
Rocking chair:
1 — side; 2 — drawer side (2); 3 — (2 PCs); 4,6,7 — crossbar; 5 — rail seat; 8
The main details of the chairs on the grid
The main details of the chairs on the grid :
1 — side panel; 2 — drawer side; 3 — front

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