HIMSELF A MAGICIANChild joy. The spinning top is one of the favorite toys of kids. Some designs allow you to exhibit astonishing physical effects. The following illustrations show three of the top. The first of them is horizontal, it can be in two variants. Option And unwinds the palm of the hand, and the second (B) — thread (Fig.1); in both cases, the disk begins to rotate around the vertical axis. If the plane is to glue strips of colored paper, respectively, during rotation of the gyroscope can be observed, for example like colorful stripes “disappear” and the paper appears white, and black-and-white figures are converted into colored rings.

The second gyroscope is vertical, with two disk blocks on the horizontal axis (Fig. 2). It is suspended to the handle and rotates after the twist of the thread, falling, by inertia climbing up again.
For horizontal top (Fig. 1) required: three-layer plywood, harsh thread, bobbin of under thread, a wooden rod with a diameter of 6 mm, drawing paper, a bar of dimensions 160x20x20 mm.
Fig. 1. Horizontal grinder
Fig. 1. Horizontal top (A — manual option B — table):
1 — double sided disc; 2 — rod; 3 — handle; 4, 5 — part reel; 6 — strand

Tool: ruler, hacksaw, drill 2 mm diameter, a drill, sandpaper or file.
1. To cut from plywood disc with a diameter of 90 mm.
2. To cut sewing the coil into two parts so that one of them was in the form of a disc (top), and the other of the rim to the hub (bottom).
3. Cut off from the stem part length 100 mm, sharpened on a cone one end. For desktop option to drill under the thread hole with a diameter of 2 mm at a distance of 25 mm.
4. Cut paper two annular disk, to paint them as shown, and glue on a plywood disc with two sides.
5. Gather the top into the seal (no glue), to be able, if necessary, turn the Central disk or replace it with a picture. In the manual embodiment, the axial rod to grind (with sandpaper) to 5 mm diameter — to drive easily rotated a glancing blow of the hand on its edge.
6. For the desktop version of the top to make a wooden block handle according to the drawing (Fig.1).
7. To push the axial rod in the recess of the arm, wound on it the thread abruptly by pulling the string to spin a top. Pushing the handle to allow the gyroscope to rotate freely on the surface of the table.
For a vertical gyroscope (Fig.2) wanted: plywood 2 mm thick, wooden rod with a diameter of 10 mm, harsh strand with a length of 400 mm.
Fig. 2. Vertical grinder
Fig. 2. Vertical grinder
Fig. 2. Vertical spinner:
1 — block drives (2×4 PCs); 2 — thread; 3 — axis; 4 — hole thread; 5 — handle

Tool: ruler, a compass, jigsaw (or hacksaw), drill diameter 2 mm and 10 mm drill (or a drill), clamp, polishing pad, and a table for cutting out.
1. Cut from plywood and two unit disks, each set with decreasing diameters of 100, 80, 60 and 40 mm.
2. Glue the two disks in the same block and drill in the center of each hole with a diameter of 10 mm.
3. Cut off from the stem part of its length 180 mm for the handle, drill closer to the end of the hole for the thread. It is cut to a length of 30 mm under the axle into the hole in the middle to tie the thread.
4. Assemble the pieces of the top into the glue, aligning both units of the axial rod.
5. Paint the top enamel.
6. Tie the end of the thread into the hole on the handle and hang the top. If you now wind the thread on the axle and release the top — it rotates and starts reciprocating motion, falling the full length of the thread, then lifting again macrochelys at her.
Diabolo — the flying gyroscope
This shell (Fig.H), consisting of two truncated cones connected by a vertex are essentially the same top. If it is to result in rotation, then it becomes an unusual vertical stability in the air than you can use to train your agility.
For playing Diabolo requires two wooden handles with aluminum extension cords connected with a piece of string with a length of 700 — 800 mm On the twine put the top (middle), and, lifting one end, forcing it to roll downhill, causing the projectile to rotate. Then stretch the twine sharply and the top goes up. I need to catch him on a rope, tilt to accelerate its rotation and again to throw. The techniques of juggling, spinning illustrated.
Fig. 3. Flying spinning top
Fig. 3. Flying spinning top:
1 – the handle (hardwood core, 2); 2 — the extension handle (aluminium tube, 2); 3 — hole string; a 4 the gyroscope; 5 — string.
And starting the movement; B — off top; — acceleration caught the top

Material: cylindrical rod spinning top with a diameter of 80 mm (s50 mm) wood of medium density; the rod for the handle with a diameter of 25 mm made of softwood, aluminium extension pipe handle with a diameter of 12 — 15 mm (old ski poles), cord length 1 m
Tool: ruler, center punch, Vernier caliper, single plane, set of lathe chisels, handsaw, drill diameter 5и12 — 15 mm (depending on tube diameter), flat file, mallet.
1. To carve from billet top on the set sizes (see Fig.)
2. Separated from the aluminum tube two segments with a length of 450 mm (remove facets) — for extension handles.
3. To drill each hole for the extension cord.
4. Cut off from a wooden rod by two cylindrical handles with a length of 250 mm and mark the centers on one end of each.
5. Drill handle center hole with a diameter 1 mm smaller than the diameter of the aluminum extender.
6. Remove the ends of the chamfer and paint pens are enamel.
7. To score the segments of the aluminum tubes into the holes of the handles.
8. Attach a string to the cords handles.
The game, of course, requires a certain skill and, most importantly, systematic training. When learned the technique of throwing and catching the Diabolo, exercise can be difficult, performing various jumps and turns, avoiding the projectile fell to the ground. The next stage is a game with a partner (or partners) one top.

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