If science fiction is subject to the future, for a child’s imagination — the surrounding present: it is a folded piece of cloth starts to act up like a child and tilted the chair turns the engine in the plane. Boys, for instance, enough to ride a simple wand, to represent himself as a tamer of wild horse. That’s why we offer Hungarian magazine “Ezer-person” self-made horse-rocking chair at first glance, can be largely loses the store painted handsome, but only— in the eyes of an adult.

The child will give the “wood” all the missing qualities himself. And for parents would be the main availability in the manufacturer; because it would be just a few wooden bars, processed the most simple ways.
Let’s start with the main part— the body (or “grits”), uniting the rest of the rocking. It will require a wooden block with 110×110 cross-section and a length of 600 mm. On its lateral sides closer to the ends of the grooves are made, how to connect vpoldereva— bars under the stands (“legs”). Grooves several daugiausia up, to give the uprights some inclination for greater stability.
Racks also undertake wooden bruski section 60×40 and a length of 500 mm In the lower parts with a hacksaw and a chisel is a ledge for connection with the curved supporting bars rocking. However, the latter bending is not necessary. Their shape is achieved by vystragivaniem desired profile of the bar section 160×110 and a length of 1000 mm.
Baby horse rocking: 1 — plastic; 2 —
Baby horse rocking:
1 — plastic; 2 — “feet” (4 PCs); 3 — “rump”; 4— “neck”; 5 -“head”; 6 — hole for the bridle; 7 — screws

The details of the “neck” and “head” of the bar section 110×70 mm. they are Going separately, and the “head” joins with a small shift down, so the top of the “neck” is not difficult to turn into “ears”, making it suitable propyl. At the bottom of the “neck” is cut seat for fastening this Assembly to the body of the horse rocking.
All these parts are joined with screws and glue (casein, joinery, PVA) and exposed after Assembly, at least a day. Given that this is a toy for a child, for security purposes, all slot head screws pre-reams head maximum zaglubljajutsja, then closed wooden plugs to glue.
With the same purpose, the entire surface of the collected horse is thoroughly sanded with abrasive paper so that no sharp edges or Samedov. If desired, the figure can be pre-processed a plane, chisels and Dracheva-mi files and give it the appropriate shape.
Diagram of an exemplary revision bars in the Assembly to give the figure the shape of a horse
Scheme approximate revision bars in the Assembly to give the figure the shape of a horse
Final finishing involves painting with enamels of different colors (for example, the support bars of the rocking chair and painted “saddle”—red, the figure — brown) or varnishing with pre-impregnation stain.
In conclusion, the fixed “tail” with a “mane” (from the bast) and harness (from the old straps or rope).

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