They are large and small, foldable and “monolithic”, table and floor – the different designs, but with one common shortcoming: require space for storage. We are talking about Ironing boards. Indeed, so necessary for each family household goods, and such an archaic, “clumsy”: where to clean it up when all the sheets are in order? However, came to light and the modern Ironing devices going, so to speak, in pace with the times scientific and technological progress: electric units in which instead of heating the iron bar, and the role the Board performs a cylindrical roller.

But this construction is even more difficult to attach in the apartment so that it had not violated the interior.
As for traditional Ironing boards, even the portable versions – such as hanging on the wall – not very convenient cover for the Board dust, will not save the case. Agree that such a thing would encumber even a utility room.
Since almost any design Ironing Board she used usually in combination with a table and usually in the kitchen, it is quite natural that the idea of domestic innovators turned to the search in this direction: is it possible to combine inseparable pair to complement each other, they simultaneously would eliminate the inconveniences and disadvantages of conventional solutions?
Below we present two variants of the answer to the problem. Both brings the approach to the problem – design is a combo subject: the kitchen table, unfolding, opens conveniently stored within it an Ironing Board. Since industry does not produce anything like this, one way out – make yourself. Moreover, the device both “combustoleo” is simple enough.
In the first embodiment, a table is a set, as it hides not only the Board but also two bedside tables and a linen closet. May be stored, and products, jars of pickles, jams, cooking utensils – pots, pans; here it will be convenient to hold and increasing the number of different mechanized devices produced by the industry to facilitate kitchen operations.
Combined table and Ironing Board
Combined table and Ironing Board:
1 – table cover and two shelves Cabinet; 2 – panel-legs; 3 – door wardrobe; 4 – door cabinets; 5 – Ironing Board

“Combisol” going from flat elements, simplifying their manufacture and Assembly. Material can be chipboard, plywood, thickness 10 – 15 mm thin or smoothly planed Board, collected on casein, wood or epoxy adhesive ribs so that they form a single panel, like a commercially available drawing Board.
In the present embodiment, these blanks panels will require eleven. Four of them will serve as the legs of the table, two to to provide the doors end tables, one – door side Cabinet, two shelves and the same table cover. The eleventh will be the actual Ironing Board.
The design allows to unify the parts, which simplifies their preparation. The same will be panel-legs (POS. 2) -15x200x790 mm. Some sizes can also be tabletop and two shelves (POS. 1). The same applies to the four small textolite panels, internal partitions -15x325x360 mm, forming end side bedside tables and wardrobe. Both doors on the cabinets (POS. 4) will have a size 15x350x790 mm, and the Cabinet door (POS. 3) – 15x595x700 mm, there may be two, both sides of the table.
Ironing Board is made from panels-billet size 790x360x150 mm.
The Assembly table can be done spiked with casein glue or carpenter’s, and also on the screws with epoxy glue. The painting is made after the daily exposure of the collected table, or to build separate each panel. Items are carefully processed cloth and tsiklej, polished and painted with enamels, better waterproof – pentaphthalic or glyptal. If the panels its pleasant texture of the wood, cover them with a varnish: it is advantageous accentuate and enhance the natural pattern of the wooden surface.
Another version of the Ironing table
Another option Ironing table
Doors and Ironing Board are mounted on furniture or piano hinges (not illustrated). The Board previously sheathed cotton (linen) cloth, with cloth or felt pad for improved Ironing qualities. On the widest part of the Board can be attached to the metal plate on the asbestos gasket for iron.
The second version of “Ironing” table designed for the kitchen is medium in size, its dimensions are mm. 720x600x1150 Here the Board has a built in rising half folding table top: it is sufficient to pull back the cover and can be ironed. Under the other half has two drawers for various little things: here you can store threads with needles and scissors, Cutlery or tools. This combined table is easy to get out of the ordinary folding for kitchen, available for sale. He will not even need to change anything, you only strengthen one of the hinged halves of the box-bracket and Board.
However, you can remodel and old dining table, find themselves out of work among a new headset. If the size not suit, use his parts and assemble as shown in the figure. In this case all outer surfaces if they are worn out, better re ottsiklevat and cover furniture varnish in 2 – 3 layers. Instead of varnish, you can use a nitrocellulose – better bright, contrasting colors, coordinating them with the colors of surrounding objects.
Assembly of the table starts with a frame and legs on the screws with glue or epoxy. Then set up long cross member of the frame to the sidewall with Windows attached small tie bar with slider for drawers. The latter can come from plywood of suitable thickness. The device is an Ironing Board it is clear from the figure. First going box bracket with the bottom, which then screws (or spiked with glue) is attached to the top of the table. Then also on the screws on the bracket installed Board and is covered with cloth or white linen cloth on the strip of cloth or thin felt. The edge for decorative purposes should be upholstering braid, using the furniture or simply small nails.
Now include iron – can be ironed.

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