IF THE HOUSE PAINTERThis simple and elegant table will be very convenient for children who love to draw. Work the incline of the working Board will ensure correct posture, and located on both edges of the table ample shelves virtually eliminate the risk to spoil the picture if you tip over the bottle of ink or paint.
In the inner compartment of the Desk fits the paper roll and paper sheet extends along the working surface as a continuous strip. Special metal (preferably aluminum) bracket (POS. 10 figure 1) presses the paper, thereby fixing it without the aid of buttons.
Fig. 1. Table for a young artist
Fig. 1. Table for a young artist:
1 — working Board. 2 — front of machine (2 PCs). 3 — side panel (2 PCs.), 4 — shelf, 5 — the bottom Board, 6 — roll paper. 7 is a Central cross, payel, 8 — dispute of the machine (2 PCs.) 9 — strips, 10 — clamping strip for paper, 11 — washer (2 PCs), 12 — a wooden axle working Board.
The chair is also very simple in design, but has an important advantage: when it rests close to the table, his form does not give the child to gorbitsa. Under the seat provides a storage compartment for all sorts of little things (Fig. 2).
R and p. 2. High chair
R and S. 2. Chair:
1 — seat 2 side panel (2 PCs), 3 — rod (2 PCs). 4 – back , 5 — Plaka (2 piece), 6 — piano wheel (4 PCs), 7 — Board-Dao 8 – front panel.

Shotonline this “microventure” does not require scarce materials. Need only a few boards 25 mm thick for the uprights and supports of the machine table, and the rest of the elements will go dvadtsatimillimetrovymi dvenadtsatitsilindrovy boards and plywood. It is easy to make and wooden rods d mm. 12 as for the rollers of the chair can be used piano wheels or make them yourself.
All the details, of course, should be thoroughly abraded with emery cloth, and working the Board is covered with enamel or — even better — are covered with plastic sheets. Wooden elements are connected with glue and also held together with nails or screws.
And one last tip: it is advisable to equip the table with a table lamp.

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