IN FOLK STYLEThis table, despite its simplicity, can take a worthy place in a suburban house and in the kitchen of a city apartment. Made of natural materials in the style of folk traditions, it will fit into any interior. Main used in construction material — Board thickness 30 and 40 mm (perfect used for nastilki floors) in addition, you will also need the beam cross-section 75X100 mm and a few wooden rods 0 mm. 12 Probably not need to remind you that all the blanks must be of good quality, straight, free from knots on the outer surfaces and fishermen. Greater use in the work will bring the use of power tools (but you can a lot of and the old — fashioned way, using traditional carpentry set)

The first stage in the manufacture of table — processing legs, Their configuration is shown in the figure, the Image grid should be moved to thick cardboard Using the template, it is easy to get to all four parts were the same
Giving the blanks the desired shape, begin cutting out of grooves in them. Simple trick allows to perform this operation saving time and effort. To do this within the boundaries of the groove to a depth less than required on 1,5,2 mm and the minimum pitch is made narrow cuts Then a wide chisel walls between the cuts are removed and completely treated inner surface.
Pretty important operation the manufacture of countertops. It requires a thoroughness of execution which is” view all products Good top turns, if it is to score from a narrow laths or battens of suitable thickness Individual pieces are joined together with wooden pins and wood glue After drying, the glue stains are removed, speaking of joints and the upper and side surfaces of the obtained shield celuyutsya clean. From the bottom to the top on a few nails with glue are fixed two transverse rails.
The locking tie is made of the beam cross-section 75X100 mm the Ends shall be processed in accordance with the drawings to the cross section 50X 70 mm Under the clamping wedges are made through the slots
Figure 1. Table
Figure 1. Table.
1 — tabletop (Board SOH 170Х 1250 mm 5 PCs) 2 – rod-latch (12X diameter 115 mm, 4 pieces) 3 – drawer side (timber 40X50X750 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 – wedge (plank 15 x 70x 245mm 2 PCs), 5 – leg (Board 40X150X1050 mm 4 PCs.). 6 – tie (timber 75X 100X 850 mm).

R and S. 2, Some stages of the manufacture of table
R and S. 2, Some stages of the manufacture of table:
A – cutting out the groove on the stem, – the manufacturer under the clip groove on the coupler, the Assembly of the underframes G – set the latch pin

If progress were sustained all recommended sizes for the final Assembly you don’t have the Legs onto the ends of the screed and fixed with wedges. The table top is placed on the upper ends of the legs and fixed four rods passed through the corresponding holes in the cars Oh and the legs For ease of disassembly at the ends of the rods preferably attach the pen shaped, or just “balls”
The most suitable option of decorative finishes of the table is to cover it DETA transparent lay parquet varnish (after predvaritelnogo of Vykurovanie). This method gives a beautiful surface, revealing the natural wood grain along with the good strength properties of the coating, ensures durability of the product.

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