AIRBOATRC model aerolaser (Fig. 1) easy to manufacture, and it does not require scarce materials. Do this even for a Modeler with a little experience, and so the airboat could become a learning model figure chart. This boat great sailing qualities: it handles well, quickly leaves on glissirovanie, stable moves for all evolutions, sufficiently stable. Even with a strong gusty wind model but out of control.

The body of the glider is cut from a single piece of epoxy or glued together from several pieces of foam of any brand. Ready housing is definitely sanded, covered with a layer of epoxy putty and painted with any paint except oil. The theoretical contours of the hull shown in figure 2. In the upper part of the housing has a removable cover that opens free access to hardware control. The connector between the housing and the cover is enhanced by a lining of sheet duralumin D16T with a cut in it, and then bent stabilizing rudders.
The power plant consists of motor of internal combustion with a working volume of 2.5 cm3, for example, MK-12V. Fuel tank volume of about 50 cm3. Frame under the engine is bent from sheet duralumin Д1ЗТ. At the top of it is enhanced by a plywood strip with a thickness of 7 mm, to which is attached the engine, tank and the top node of the suspension of the keel. The latter has also a lower swivel mounted on the power strip enclosure (Fig. 3).
Fig. 1. Training model shaped course aerolizer.
Fig. 1. Training model shaped course aerolizer.
Fig. 2. Theoretical hull lines.
Fig. 2. Theoretical hull lines.
Fig. 3. The aft part of the model
Fig. 3. The aft part of the model:
1 — motor, 2 — strip motor, 3 — fuel tank 4 — keel direction, 5, 6 — loop keel, 7 — wheel.

For radio they say;em to be used the equipment of domestic production “Suprana-838”. Thus, only one radio channel for normal control — it transmits a command for steering the machine aerolizer. Equipment radio (power supply, receiver, servo) are placed on the body. Receiver antenna — pin wire OVS Ø 1 mm, mounted on the highest point of the building.

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