IN THE END, CRIMSON RINGI want to share with a favorite magazine his small development.
We had a bad, nasty apartment call: rough and very loud. We always flinched when anyone came, and those who called for the first time, too frightened. Although the call was prefabricated, bought – and hung up.

But the patience has snapped, and I decided to remake this “Intimidator” that signaled a more pleasant and peaceful.

Shop “Sports” in the Department for fishermen bought 2 bells, one large, the other smaller. You can use and more – will only nicer sound. But I was limited to two.

A call to rework

Call before alterations:

1 – sound plate (cap);
2 – the tongue of the striker;
3, electromagnet (solenoid);

4 – mounting screw

With a call removed the plate cap (that he was making such a sharp unpleasant sound). Then drilled in the lower part of the firing pin hole with a diameter of 3 mm. Of the strip of aluminum with a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm produced a bracket, to which hung the bells, using the screw M3. Here it is important only that the bells do not touch each other.

Suspension bells

Pendant bells:

1 – bracket (aluminum s 1,5 — 2);

2 — bells

Curved end bracket with bells attached to the latch striker bolt M3, which previously drilled the appropriate hole with a diameter of 3 mm. was the result of the design shown in the figure.

Call after rework

Call after alterations:

1 – bells;

2 – bracket;

3 – latch striker;

4 – decorative plate (plastic);

5 – mounting screw;

6 – the gap under the bracket

Now when you press the button when the pin-tongue is attracted to the solenoid bracket with the bells when it shakes and you hear a nice “crimson” a gentle sound. Honestly, even nicer guests got to meet!

Would advise even producers interested in and modify these calls.

S. KONDUKOV, design engineer, Krasnodar

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