TURN DISTANCEModern life of rural residents is difficult to imagine without facilities was believed to be purely urban. These include a gas cooker. However, the installation of the gas cylinder must meet certain fire regulations that require placing it outside of premises on the street.

Here lies one significant disadvantage. In warm months food is prepared or in a summer kitchen or on the veranda. Gas cylinder in such cases, it may be near the plate, to open or close the valve is easy. Another thing in the winter: the stove moved to the house and the tank should still stay on the street. To start or shut off the gas, it is necessary in bad weather to leave the premises.
At the time I had to face this inconvenience. But I found a way out — made the remote control valve.
My device I use for more than two years, It never fails it is the experience of exploitation. I think that it may be useful to the readers of “M-K” living in the countryside, as well as owners of summer houses and garden houses.
Just make a reservation: it does not violate the chain “cylinder — valve — gear — plate”, not wedged into it, and this means that fire safety regulations and rules for the use of gas appliances are complied with fully.
The idea of remote control is that the valve of the gas cylinder rotates the hand directly and via an intermediate mechanism. For this I sacrificed a manual one — speed drill used a block of its gears. With the help of a special bracket mounted on the housing of the cylinder valve.
The remote mechanism
The remote mechanism:
1 — gas cylinder, 2 — reducer, 3 — valve handle, 4 — holes for pins, 5 — cover 6 — screws M6 fix bracket, 7 — pins, 8 — large gear, 9 — bracket, 10 — the shaft of the small gear, 11 — remote shaft, 12 — wall, 13 — stick remote fell.

The design of the bracket is not complicated — it’s U-shaped part with three holes, curved steel strip thickness 3 mm.
The cover is more complicated to manufacture. It is made of two safety caps, screw-on cylinders during transportation, which previously cropped bottoms. In the upper part of the casing milled out two slots for the output of the ends of the shaft of the small gear; two flats with the screw holes in them for mounting brackets. In the lower part is cut inlet nut gas reducer.
The gear unit is attached to the bracket with a hairpin. With a valve of a gas cylinder large gear reported two vertical pins ø 4 mm, welded to its lower plane. In the handle of the valve return drilled hole ø 4,2 mm. by rotating the knob, raising or lowering, sliding over the pins.
Now about the order of Assembly of the device. Cylinder, mounted under a protective canopy or in a special Cabinet outside the house, screwed the casing, attach the gas reducer. From the top to the casing by screws M6 bracket is attached with the intermediate mechanism, to the shaft of the small gear (with pin) — remote control shaft flying out through the wall of the house. It should now rotate kitchen handle remote to the shaft as the valve on the cylinder will turn and gas will start flowing to the burners.
I. PAVLENKO, p. Russkaya Polyana, Cherkasy region.

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