INDICATOR CROSSWIND FOR CARFast drive is always fraught with additional danger. Often, even experienced drivers do not take into account all factors that can play a fatal role and lead to traffic accident. Such factors include lateral wind.


“The driver has not coped with management” – this wording may reveal the source of aerodynamic nature. In slippery conditions after rain or in icy conditions, strong crosswind is able to “stand” in a ditch or into oncoming traffic, even heavy truck, or bus. This is especially true of outdated technology, traveled on the roads for decades.

Indicator crosswind car
Indicator crosswind for car:
1,2 – cheek; 3,4 – ear; 5 – arrow
To ensure that the driver saw the danger in time and compensated for the influence of the crosswind, it is useful to have on the windshield of the car, we offer a special indicator. Its design is very simple, understandable from the drawing and its easy to do at home.
The device is manufactured from Plexiglas and consists of two transparent triangular cheeks, two bounding liners and flexible directional arrows. All parts are bonded with glue and miniature fasteners. Cheeks and ear form a slit on the side surfaces of the indicator through which the air flow acts on the directional arrow on both sides. When a strong crosswind will deflect an arrow, and the driver in time to react to the changed traffic conditions.
The drawing shows one of the possible variants of the device and the approximate sizes which can vary widely. The most effective structural solution is chosen empirically. Achieving health indicator, it is possible to provide a scale and even an audible alarm. Easy to add to device contacts, placing them at the extreme points of deflection. If flexible arrow made of metal, when the closure of the contacts in the cab will sound the alarm signal “Caution! Side wind”. To mount the unit to the windshield in the middle, as close as possible to the roof of the car. It is important to remember that the installation on the vehicle of any additional equipment must strictly comply with the requirements of road safety.
For reference: the speed of two cars on the road can reach the speed of the aircraft. Before you press on the gas pedal, think about why in strong crosswind takeoff and landing of aircraft is prohibited.

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