Most of those who have decided to paste over the wall Wallpaper flat on their own, most often the whole day “bow” to each ordinary cloth, usually as a pack of cut of the Wallpaper have for spreading their glue directly on the floor, for lack of a suitable length of the table.
However, the Polish magazine “zrobi Sam” suggests that such work can be performed on an ordinary table, and it is important! – even alone: you simply have to modify the technology and use simple homemade device that provides besides the possibility to do without tiring bows -to prepare panels of standing.

Indeed, the device fit quite simply available on the materials and manufacture of any house master. Judge for yourself.
Roll of Wallpaper is placed on a wooden rod that is inserted horizontally in two small stand connected-stand, fixed with clamps on one end of the table.
Enough now pulling the edge of the Wallpaper roll easily unwound to the desired length of the cloth, which gradually spread with glue, is folded as usual and cut, ready to transfer to the wall. After gluing in the same order preparing the next panel.
How to do?
For the base you will need a wide Board or cut particle Board: it is desirable that the supporting base fixture turned heavier. But it does not matter, because she still will be attached, as already mentioned, with the help of clamps. More important than the thickness because it will be screwed in the screws when installing the racks.
The latter is also out of the Board or chipboard; in the upper part of the drilled hole (or groove cut) diameter of wooden rod serving as the axis of the unwinding roll. The height of the openings and size of pillars are chosen such as to not interfere with the unwind roll.
How to use it?
Ready the device is fixed by the clamp from the end of the table, and on its axis, on a skewer, put on a roll. If the Wallpaper pattern does not require alignment of patterns when the sticker on the wall, and the coil is spun to spread the adhesive side facing up. Otherwise, the figure at the unwinding must-see in order to control sovmestimosti patterns when cutting panels (the cutting roll and is completely “dry”: the smearing of the glue panels occurs at the end of the cutting, after the coup, the entire stack of blanks).
A device for raskryvanie Wallpaper
Fig. 1. A device for raskryvanie Wallpaper:
1 – base (base area, the size depending on the format of the Wallpaper); 2 – stand; 3 – axis (wooden rod or plastic tube); 4 – rolls of Wallpaper

Raskryvanie Wallpaper
Fig. 2. Raskryvanie Wallpaper:
1 – table; 2 – device for raskryvanie Wallpaper in gathering; 3 – a clamp for fixing a reference platform; 4 – the roll of Wallpaper; 5 – a pair of scissors; 6 – measured cut width: 7 – gauge (carpentry or tailoring meter)

For convenience, measure the necessary length of a panel along the edge of the countertop should be attached with tape carpentry or tailoring meter. Exclude shifts to the side of the cloth when unwinding of the roll will help set along the rail. She will ensure perpendicular cutting of workpieces of the Wallpapers that are performed just with a pair of scissors, and if the material of the panels of fragile – blade, blend along the metal ruler.
It remains only to recall what is the gradual spreading of the Wallpaper. Before the cutting of the cloth in its initial part with a wide brush to apply the adhesive, it carefully down on the floor and spread another site, which then rises and covered with omitted end, giving the opportunity to spread the remaining front segments of the part. Such a “sandwich” is easy to convey to the wall and squeeze at the top of the uncovered adhesive part of the cloth, gradually stroking and clutching his middle, and bottom. Valuable is that the entire procedure can be done alone, without an assistant.

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