WING OUT OF FOAM“I suggest, I have developed a method of manufacturing a wing for a model aircraft, — says the head of the aeromodelling circle in the House of pioneers of the city of Serebryansk Anatoly Wainilowicz. The device that you need for this easy and beginner model airplanes”.

Make a metal frame. It must be greater than the length of the manufactured wing. Frame pass nichrome filament and pull it. From the entire set of wing ribs of metal make only two main. If the wing of a complex shape, divide it into parts.
Fabrication of foam wing:
1 — dural frame, 2 — wire connection, 3 — terminal metal rib, 4 — foam blank 5 — base-insulator, 6 — root metal rib, 7 — clamp, 8 — nichrome filament, 9 — clamping screw with nut and washer (wire in this place are insulated with fiberglass or asbestos), 10 — cord, 11 — tape.
Requires step-down transformer at 12 V or Latr. By connecting the secondary winding of the transformer to the nichrome filament, you can start making the wing. The metal ribs must be locked along the edges of the piece of foam. As soon as the nichrome filament will heat up, taking the frame strictly along the ribs, cut away the excess foam.
Now to increase stiffness of the wing make cutouts for the spars, the front and rear edges. Wkleic their obtyanite wing paper. Glue is best to use casein, as it does not dissolve the foam.

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