INDOOR BAR-SWINGThe bar — great sports equipment, a great tool for morning exercise. And is not necessary to arrange it in the yard where it’s always going to depend on the weather. Equip it in the room — in the doorway. To this end, the jambs of the door frame or lining them neatly out of the l-shaped grooves. Then a tape measure to measure the distance between them: a length cut off a segment of a water or gas pipe. Strip her cloth and insert in the grooves — the bar is ready. Anything that ka it will not hang at full length and will not have a tune “sunshine”, but can be tightened, keeping the legs in position “area”. This shell will bring much joy and children.

And for the little ones arrange it swing: a simple rope or, even better, hard, on the wooden hangers. Buy at a hardware store two cuttings for shovels or match sticks, better uadrature section. The length should be such that baby’s feet do not touch the floor. Top each stalk nail or screw the screws of the metal strip, bending it in an arc. But better to fix it Podshipnik, the diameter of the inner ring which corresponds to the external diameter of the crossbar. It will take another Board seat: drill holes in it, into which pass the ends of the cuttings from the bottom and hammer the nail with a blunt concem so that it became a support for the seat. If the child is small — make the back-fence. Now pass through the bearing tube of the horizontal bar and again insert it into the grooves: a swing ready.
F. JUMAEV of Chardzhou

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