STILL OCCUPY THE WALLSIf you have a lot of books, magazines, to house them, of course, need a wardrobe, but still not one. And each will take away particular area. However, there is a more economical option: to place the books on the hanging shelves.

In the drawings, and the drawings (Fig. 1-3) shows several structures for storage of books and various collections of tape cassettes.

Shelves made of two horizontal and two vertical panels of the furniture Board or veneered boards, chipboards, the surface which is glued veneer or a plastic imitation of a particular tree species.
The dimensions of the vertical panels 20X230X300 mm, horizontal 20X230X880 mm. On the inner surface are selected grooves for plywood or glass sliding panels (you can use plastic parts, which are on sale in stores).
The shields are connected by screws or glue with a round plug-in thorns; for strength in the back at the bottom corners on the screws put metal corners. The rear wall can be plywood or hardboard, it provides additional rigidity.
Each full usually hung on the wall independently, with metal hinges, fixed on the vertical and top panels.
Fig. 1. Design a closed shelf.
Fig. 1. Design a closed shelf.
Fig. 2. The decision of hanging wall shelves and sofa.
Fig. 2. The decision of hanging wall shelves and sofa.
Fig. 3. Recommended height tier hanging shelves with the couch.
Fig. 3. Recommended height tier hanging shelves with the option of a sofa.
Figure 2 shows how it might look in the corner of the room with these shelves. Kang see the saved area is used successfully for other furniture, shelf and even decorated the interior. Introduction to design additional decorative elements: prints, embossing, flower, allowing it is better to “dress up” any room of a modern apartment.
Kai hang shelves, how high to strengthen hooks for hanging, as shown in figure 3. However, thanks to the versatility of modular design they can be put on my pre-erecting a wooden frame-stand height 100 mm Shelf thus acquires a new functional qualities — can be, for example, a bedside table (Fig. 4) radio: player, recorder. For the latter, it is easy to equip drawers — clips for stacking. They represent a box with a height of 75 and a width of 120 mm each fits 12 cassette tapes.
Another option polkas — open racks (Fig. 5), consisting of horizontal boards with a width of 300 mm._ They are attached to the wall with uprights and metal brackets, vypolnennyh of thin tubes or rods. For connection of the bracket with a vertical stanchion on the reverse side made a step cut in increments of 120 them, if necessary, the Board and its holding brackets can be moved above or below.
Fig. 4. Bookshelf in the role tables
Fig. 4. Bookshelf in the role tables:
1 — stand, 2 — shelf, 3 — set.

Fig. 5. The rack and its main components.
Fig. 5. The rack and its main components.

Fig. 6. The principal dimensions of the bookcase-walls and ways of fastening its nodes
Fig. 6. The principal dimensions of the bookcase-walls and ways of fastening its components:
1 — trim, 2 — nut, 3 — strut, 4 — wall cabinets, 5 — spacer, 6 — bolt, M10 round head (furniture).

In large, old apartments, where space and other rooms up to 25 m3, it is sometimes necessary to separate the individual functional areas — for example, a place for relaxing, reading, conversations. In this case, the most appropriate may be equipment consisting of horizontal shelves and tables, spiralwise two vertical panels — stand (Fig. 6). And this furniture is easy to make yourself. Special attention will be required only in the manufacture of supports: the Cabinet partition is not connected with the wall. So the whole structure should be stable and hard enough.
Such a wall-partition can be used independently, or in combination with an Ottoman, a sofa. With its help it is possible to isolate, for example, a workplace student is to practice or games. Poly and a Cabinet in the atom case will for textbooks, notebooks, rolls of drawings or toys.
The bottom flange of this partition it is easy to place fluorescent lamp: it will give the local illumination — will be easy to read on the couch. In addition, lack of coverage creates additional comfort.
V. STRASHNOV, architect

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