KITCHEN BACK Not so long ago they were — the kitchen shelves until they were driven out by the closed cabinets. The latter, no doubt, has its advantages; but its those same: it was all in the mind; to take something — don’t need every time to open-close the door; but fancy curtains, which sometimes zateryalis shelves gave even a modest kitchen feel like home. And now retro-the shelves start to return to the kitchen. This is understandable: wall lockers (especially kitchens) are very expensive. In addition, modern vessels have become so beautiful, what a pity to hide them behind the door — they can serve as a decoration. And to make such shelves will require a minimum of skills and readily available materials — any boards, plank, laths, wedges — that is at hand.

We offer several options for retro-shelves for kitchen.
Let’s start with the simplest variant, which can be assembled simply on a bed of nails, that is to put together. To do this, first cut two sides (20X250X650 mm) and three horizontal shelves (20X220X800 mm), and the vertical wall panel, fencing (10X150X 800 mm) — from boards, particle Board or furniture Board. Sizes the following are guidelines and can be adjusted depending on the space used by the material and those items that are expected to be put on the shelf. Depending on this need and supporting details — for example, the rail fence on the top shelf or the thrust nut along the bottom shelf, if there are inclined to stand plates or saucers. Underneath the bottom shelf, slightly away from the wall, can be fastened to the side walls of one rail or round wooden rod for hanging up on hooks colander, woks, pans and other kitchen utensils.
The upper part of the sidewalls has a decorative neckline; as to its angularity is shown on the pattern.
This simplified design can be transformed depending on the material used. So, if there is no wide boards or sheet (panel) material — side panel and shelves can be patterned from narrow planks or even strips. The figures given solution of these shelves (for example, composing the rear wall option with shaped side panels). Note another solution to the connection of the shelves with sidewalls. In the past done cross the slit, which includes spikes the end of the shelves having a longitudinal slit: here is inserted a wedge. Rest in these constructions is clear from the drawings.
Kitchen shelf
Kitchen shelf:
1 — side panel (2 PCs), 2 shelf (3 pieces), 3 — the rear panel of the fence, 4 rail fence. 5-nail (or screw). A scheme for the lines of curvature of the top of the sidewalls.

Design for kitchen shelves
Design for kitchen shelves:
1 — side panel of figure (two types), 2 — shelf (Shipov end face and a slit for the wedge), 3 — wedge, 4 — rail fence (collar), 5 — rear panel (stacked plates from horizontal or vertical row). B — two configurations of the sidewalls.

Decorative kitchen shelf
Decorative kitchen shelf:
1 – side, 2 — shelf,.3 — slot 4 back panel fencing.
Is particularly true of options that can be called “art”. This floor, or as people used to call such constructions, the slide (they were glazed, and the lower part was doing a bedside table with doors) and hanging. Here, the design plays a decorative role, and assign the other: not for everyday dishes or utensils, and expensive, festive, rarely used in the main function, and the rest of the time as decoration. The principle of their manufacture and Assembly is the same as that described at the beginning. The difference — in design, decoration design: curly shape of the sidewalls, other items, tinting wood stain, carving. Connection of main parts — wedge (only on the shelf of the rear plank of the fence is spiked).

At the slides of the upper and lower vertical panels are used to decorate: it with cutters and chisels made of embossed floral pattern.
Has its own characteristics and shelf. On both shelves you intend to install decorative plates, and so they don’t loose their edge is selected in the tree longitudinal groove (on the bottom shelf, even two or so plates could have different slope).
In addition, the lower shelf has at the edge a series of notches for suspension or decorative painted wooden spoons, set of kitchen appliances.
The configuration of the shaped parts have the other design is chosen at discretion of each artist depending on his taste and capabilities.
(On materials of magazine “Earmaster”, Hungary)

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