The proposed design of the jigsaws are manufactured in workshops Menzelin-sky teacher’s College in Tatarstan Republic. To ensure the reciprocating motion of the saw in that jigsaw used a crank-but-polzuny mechanism of the compressor of the refrigerator. With this jigsaw you can cut the various contours of plywood and boards up to a thickness of 30 mm.

At the core of the design is the motor-compressor of the type DX motor from household refrigerators, which can be found in scrap metal or in a repair shop for refrigerators. Check the operation of the motor is easy to disassembly, by measuring with the ohmmeter the resistance of starting and working windings (5 and 20 Ohms). The status of the compressor unit does not matter.
Fabrication begins with a revision of the housing of the motor-compressor. From the side, where there are no terminals of winding, the body is at a distance of 20 mm from the edge of cut metal with a hacksaw and removed. Made two local cutout in the housing with dimensions of 60×50 mm. the First is to allow access to the cylinder head, the second is to install the nipples on the opposite side. After completing the access to the compressor, its upper part should be dismantled. Cylinder head of the compressor will be useful in the future.
Next you need to try to start the motor. If the compressor is not seized, the motor and with proper windings on. Otherwise, it is easy to unstick the compressor in the following way. From the end of the crankshaft threaded M8, tightened the bolt and manually rotate the crankshaft. Allowing free movement of the piston, it is possible to start the motor, using the standard launch protection relay according to the diagram in the figure.
Revision of the housing of the motor-compressor.
Revision of the housing of the motor-compressor.
Circuit diagram start the motor.
A circuit diagram of a motor start.
Revision of the lubrication system, krivoshipno-Polzunova mechanism
Improvement of lubrication system, krivoshipno-Polzunova mechanism:
1 – nipple; 2 — tube; 3 — gasket; 4 — flange

The mechanism of the jigsaw
The mechanism of the jigsaw:
1 — body; 2 — piston; 3 — cartridge (steel) 4 — M8 nut; 5 – a washer of the holder spring; 6 — the toast (steel, 2pcs); 7 — screw М6х10 installation (3). 8,9 — squares (steel, sheet s2); 10 — roller (steel); 11 — stove; 12 — bolt М6х50 (4 PCs); 13 — spring washer (4 pieces); 14 — bushing (steel, 4 pieces); 15 — blade; 16 case (leather, cloth)

The appearance of jigsaw with the fence of the saw (two versions)
The appearance of jigsaw with the fencing blade (two options):
1 — table (plywood); 2 — body; 3 — strut; 4 — hinge; 5 — stop; 6 — a box (plexiglass); 7,9 — rocker arm; 8 — the screen (plexiglass); 10 screw.

Parts manufacturing starts with the grinding of the Chuck to secure the blade. At the end of the compressor piston threaded M8, where the cartridge is screwed with a spring washer and lock nut. Machined also supporting-roller guide for blade, and for its installation are made mirror symmetrical triangles. Then from the tube, saw off the four grommets that serve as a support when installing triangles on the plate. The plate is easily obtained from the cylinder head of a compressor in the center drilled hole with a diameter of 10 mm. Assembly is conducted in four standard holes in the compressor housing bolts M6 length 50 mm.
Sawing can be done from the saw blade or use a standard (most popular). It is clamped in the Chuck between the crackers three set screws M6, one of which (perpendicular) rests in the slot of the saw blade, providing greater reliability of its fastening. The end of this screw should be machined to a cone with an angle of 90 degrees. To protect the moving parts of the jig saw of sawdust under the squares enclosed leather or thick fabric.
The change in the system of lubrication of the motor bearings and the compressor is reduced to the replacement of maslozavodska simple nipple shown on the drawing for which you want to make a flange. As containers for oil, you can use the muffler from the compressor (not shown in the diagram). The flange and nipple are connected to the tube by means of soldering, the Assembly flange is enclosed by a gasket. The mechanism is lubricated as follows; oil rotary pump (not shown in the diagram) drawn from the lubricator through a tube in the input channels in the body and distributed to the individual nodes through the standard lubrication system.
As security measures, two options are available fencing blade. The first option is a rocker that folds on a hinge and is lifted after a protracted weakening of the screw. The second option is a screen made of organic glass, attached to the yoke tube with a diameter of 15 mm. the Fence can be pushed to the side and lift, also loosening the fixing screw.
The table is made from plywood, a jigsaw mechanism installed in a metal enclosure of a suitable size.
S. SULTANOV, Menzelinsk, Tatarstan

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