Lovers of travel and tourism would like to take your small child. But kids can’t walk: because when an adult makes a single step, they take three and get tired quickly. However, if the Pope on the back will carry the baby in a comfortable “chair”, then the family can decide on a long journey. In attached, like a backpack, the lightweight seat made of thick cotton material, you can carry a baby weighing up to 20 kg.

However, this practical backpack offered by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”, can be used not only for camping. For example, if the apartment is in a new and not very comfortable area, which is difficult to bring the stroller, in the baby nursery can be delivered in a backpack. Manufacturing it, assembling, stitching and seat belts can run in the family together.
Light frame
The frame of the backpack (1) is made of aluminum pipe external diameter 19 mm internal and 17 mm, a length of about 2000 mm. the Frame is bent using the template from the boards. The material is easy to bend without heating; in extreme cases, may slightly deform.
At the level of the waist, approximately 130 mm from the fold-over ends, the frame razbiraetsa curved piece of pipe, the ends of which in this place of the frame has blind holes with a diameter of 17 mm. embedded tube rigidly fixed by tightening the lacing canvas waist lining.
Fig. 1. Backpack seat for baby
Fig. 1. Backpack seat for baby (A—side view of the baby):
1—frame (aluminum pipe Ø19x2x2000); 2 seat (tarp); 3—shoulder straps (with foam lining); 4—short lap belt (500x40x3); 5—fabric waist support (canvas, 500×120); 6 — lace-up; 7—ring straps (6 PCs); 8—belt spacer pipe is inserted in the frame (aluminum pipe Ø17×350); 9—pin straps; 10—shoulder support soft (foam rubber, polyurethane); 11—ring-retainer pins; 12—cover, belt (rubber foam); 13—long waist belt (660x40x3)

After bending on the frame, there are places for pins, fixing the straps of the backpack: here are drilled through holes with a diameter of 5 mm. the ends of the pins are also drilled in the 3 mm holes are inserted rings which prevent the pin from falling out.
After fabrication metal parts should be “female” work: cutting out and sewing fabric seats, stripes belt pads, and belts made of canvas or thick cotton fabric.
To make a seat of thick canvas or linen setlanguage can even inexperienced seamstresses thanks to a composition of squares pattern-pattern.
Shown a pattern of parts should be increased to life size (one square is 40×40 mm); they are redrawn on a sheet of paper marked with squares. The thus obtained pattern is cut out, superimposed on the material from which the cut parts (need to add a small seam.) Sewing seat will need 2 cut tissue; 1000×100 mm and 720×680 mm.
Shoulder and waist straps with a width of 40 mm are cut out of durable cotton or synthetic material. Four straps will need about 2550 mm strip of tissue.
Fig. 2. The soft elements of the backpack (items—1)
Before sewing strips straps need to be cut for them, a soft gasket with a length of approximately 800 mm foam 50 mm wide and 20 mm thick. Of the thicker strip of foam (approximately 30 mm) is cut out flap with a length of about 360 mm: it will cover part of the pipe, located at shoulder level of the child.
To seat the baby will need a rigid insert (fanerku, plastic). The plastic plate is laid out first, then cut (or sawed) oval billet. Before the final stitching detail seat insert can “soften” a piece of foam the same size.
Pattern pieces are held together with pins first, then namachivajutsja and sewn on the sewing machine strong thread. The material must be sewn twice, big stitches. First, double-bowed, and sheathed with semi-circular cutouts (for the feet), then attach the main strip of the seat. At the bottom of the seat between the two layers of fabric fit the oval plate and foam gasket.
Top seat in a circle is sheathed with double-folded strip of cloth (hollow wrist) lined with foam. In the back of the seat this cuff has a cut-out, two holes to attach to the frame (the pipe is passed through the cuff). The neckline and arm holes obmenivaetsya thread, as are the edges of the loops buttons, or even before sewing the cuffs are processed, the fabric does not crumble. In place of the cutout to the frame attached shoulder straps.
Ready shoulder straps overlap the foam strips and are specially cut cloth (shoulder straps shown on the picture with a foam gasket). The longer end of the belt is bent through the bent fabric is inserted a cotter pin for attachment to the chassis frame. At the other end of the straps are inserted in the two rings an inner diameter of 40 mm (buckle) and this place several times stitched strong thread.
One end of the short lap belt attaches to the buckle shoulder strap, the second podymaetsja, it is inserted into the buckle (two rings) and re-sewn. The strap is bent into two parts (150 mm and 300 mm); to corner their border is inserted a cotter pin for attachment to the frame. Long waist belt is divided into two parts (with a length of 300 mm and 400 mm) and is bent at a right angle. In this place also the cotter pin is inserted and attached to the frame.
Then you need to sheathe strip belt support, both ends of which are prepared holes for the ropes of lacing. Holes for strength obmenivaetsya fringes or “caps”.
Stitched seat fits on the frame of the frame so that the first end and then the top (horizontal) part of the frame thus pass through the hollow upper edge of the seat (the cuff), and a rectangular cutout for the belt is behind the back of the child (he sits back of his head to the direction of movement).
Curved spacer tube is inserted into the holes at the bottom of the frame then is covered by fabric strip belt support. At both ends of this strip is inserted into the cord or strong rope — lace locks on the frame at the same time the very fabric support and is inserted into the frame spacer tube.
Shoulder straps extend through the upper part of the frame, and their ends are fixed to the frame using the cotter pins. In the holes at the ends of the cotter pins fit ring that secures them from falling out. The same pins are fixed to the frame short and long lumbar belts.
The ends of the frame tubes are closed with plastic stoppers.

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