COMBINED AREAOnly three basic elements is recommended by the Bulgarian magazine “Guide yourself” for making a cozy area for relaxation in a city apartment or in the country. Presents a set of interesting, primarily because the components are very simple and therefore is available to repeat not even a very experienced home handyman.

But the special advantage of the kit is that it is possible to combine separate pieces of furniture — for example, a signature piece in the role of a kind of Ottoman or table, — and Geminate, to striving and repeatedly to build up the elements, resulting in that chair, sofa, couch, and even a furniture that forms a functional area in the room. Finally, an important advantage of the design of all elements, compared with the same furniture is the fact that wooden parts are not visible from the outside, as are upholstered. This circumstance eliminates the high processing requirements of the workpieces they can be from any discarded lumber, pallet wood rough or gnarled surface. The only condition: if you will use chipboard blanks must be environmental requirements before Assembly painted to eliminate harmful emissions of the plate.
It remains to add that the basis of all elements of the set is a hollow box, which is very convenient to store various items or things.
Now more about the design of each of the elements constituting this universal Combi-kit.
As already mentioned, it runs in the form of a box, open at the top and having the bottom. Assemble a box out of boards, suitable scraps of furniture Board or particle Board. Form from them the walls are joined by any means, stray nails, screwed the screws directly or through the metal parts, as well as in the variant shown here, using angled wooden sticks (which, of course, requires appropriate qualification of the contractor).
In the upper part of the walls inside the box are attached to support rails: they will go to the seat frame. The bottom box is attached to the bottom of the thick plywood, and the corners if necessary, set the furniture wheel or the supporting lugs of wood or plastic (e.g., nylon).
Fig. 1. Area of the interior of the modular elements of the furniture
Fig. 1. Area of the interior of the modular elements of the furniture
Fig. 2. The base modular piece of furniture
Fig. 2. The base modular piece of furniture:
1 — wall boxes (4 PCs); 2 — connecting the corner bars (4 PCs); 3 — support rails (4 pieces); 4 — fabric upholstery; 5 — bottom; 6 — anchor lugs (can be replaced by furniture with wheels)

Fig. 3. Seat cushion
Fig. 3. Seat cushion:
1 — fabric upholstery; 2 — layer foam rubber (or latex); 3,4 — shaped strips; 5 fabric strip; 6,7 — bars of the frame; 8 — elastic straps; 9 — bars of the frame upholstery: 10 —fabric trim

The slinky fabric can be made both at the manufacturing stage boxes, and upon completion of its Assembly. The material is better to take the same for all elements, but the reason may be different but color coordinated with the rest of the upholstery. For a set area of 10 elements will require about 22 m of drapery or upholstery fabric width of 150 cm.
When cording the Foundation of it first obkladyvaetsja cloth, on which is marked the place of pretrazivanja and left margin top and bottom; then the material is sewn stocking, pulled on a box and wraps himself inside, with fastening nail through the support slats and the bottom.
This is the only multicomponent but also simple element combined of the area. The skeletal frame of the seat is wood frame square shape collected from bars 40×30 mm, length 533 mm, the abutting vpoldereva or in the groove with the simultaneous cover with glue (carpenter’s or PVA).
Fig. 4. Soft seat
Fig. 4. Upholstered back seat:
1 —fabric case cover; 2 — foam: 3 —shield-the liner; 4 — the hook fixing the backrest in the Assembly seat; 5 — rail upholstery

Fig. 5. The formation of the upper backrest
Fig. 5. The formation of the top of the back:
1 — foam; 2 — tie out of duct tape

Fig. 6. Coupling the modular elements combined chair, Ottoman and table
Fig. 6. Coupling the modular elements combined chair, Ottoman and table:
1 panel-top; 2 — fixing bracket

For cushioning on the frame fills crisscrossing rubber straps, over which is laid a fabric substrate, attached rack overlays with cutouts for the head straps. The bottom frame is attached to the second fabric substrate, the size of which, like the first, allow to wash over the edge of the frame.
Soft part of the seat forms a foam or latex pillow, cover upholstery fabric vnatyag with fixing on frame with clamp rails.
She would need a plate of foam or latex with a thickness of about 130 mm is a one piece or composed of several layers. At one end of both corners are cut obliquely, the plate is bent about a third the length and is fixed by wrapping with tape.
Further, under the folded piece slips the shield is a thick sheet of plywood or chipboard, and the top fits over the pre-cut case of upholstery fabric, the free edges of which are attached to the shield overhead rails. About the middle of the shield with one and the other edge is fitted with two metal plate hook bracket: they fix the back when attaching it to the base of the structure.
Remains cut from a sheet of metal several U-shaped brackets for clamping the base design together with the preparation in functional combination, in a sofa, couch, furniture.

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