The flower there is one “scary” term monsters. The so-called large plants, able to compete with the growth of the person.
With the improvement of living conditions among fans of indoor plants “monsters” are back in fashion. Become popular almost forgotten ficus, “Teschin language” and other tall and large leaf plants for large pots which modest “living space” of the window sills is not good. Require special supports, slides, benches.

But the aesthetics of modern interiors makes him special requirements: it is difficult today to imagine the room with a beautiful set of popular early podsvetkoy stool.
More organic looking slide for the colors offered by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”. It is a kind of three-tier bookcase, simple design which makes it available for self-production.
To assemble a bookcase from the panels and auxiliary elements, cut from chipboard. Moreover, the whole structure should be painted with oil paint, which is less afraid of moisture, which is inevitable when watering plants.
The main part supporting the hill — side, notched hem which is feet and stepped top with tool trays for the shelves and their supporting brackets. On the back side of the sidewalls are provided with two cutout for the connecting rails.
The shelves are also made of chipboard. They are installed with inlet on side and supporting straps.
Connection of all elements of slides — inserted a round studs with glue (carpenter’s, PVA). However, it is possible to mount and nails.
Flower hill: 1 — side panel (2 PCs); 2 — shelves (3 PCs); 3 — support bracket; 4 — crossbar
Flower hill:
1 — side panel (2 PCs); 2 — shelves (3 PCs); 3 — support bracket; 4 — crossbar

All blanks require careful sanding with sandpaper and subsequent staining in several layers; paint color is selected in accordance with the prevailing tone of the environment of the interior agreed with it or contrast.
Given the size of the shelves is indicative only. Depending on the specific needs of the design can be wider or narrower, with a different number of shelves and height, collected from other materials (e.g. bricks). The main thing that has kept the proportions and aesthetic harmony.

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