MACRO.Photographing at close range or macro photography, one of the most common types of applied photography. Often I use it and enthusiasts of technical creativity, such as when you need to make a photocopy of a drawing from a magazine page or a close-up photograph the details made model or mechanism. The picture is taken, typically using extension tubes or console-fur used to increase flange back of the lens and, accordingly, the scale of the image. The main difficulty lies in the exact focus because the depth of field of the system lens — ring or fur are very small, and at a considerable distance of the lens (more than two focal lengths) from the film plane is reduced literally to several millimeters. Therefore “catch” the sharpness is much easier to move the entire camera and not the rotation of the ring pickup lens. Do this by holding the camera in my hands, extremely uncomfortable, and any involuntary oscillation of the hand of the photographer will affect the quality of the negative. Therefore, it is best to use for this special attachment.

The design of the console is clear from the drawings: it is a platform which holds the camera, having the ability to move on the guide rods. The necessary movement is performed by rotation of the lead screw.
The most responsible position — ensuring the alignment of the rods and precise matching holes for them on the mounting pad. Smoothness is provided by polishing the rods and applying on them a thin layer of grease.
Adjustment for macro photography
Device for macro photography:
1 — handle (Д1б), 2 — tie front (Days), 3 — guide rod (2 PCs., steel), 4 — area under the camera (Д1б) 5 — nut undercarriage (steel), 6 — wnt chassis (steel), 7 — tie back (Д1б), 8 — plate connection (Д1б).

Between the front and rear screeds, the bottom of fixture using small screws with countersunk heads is secured a connecting plate. It is a hole for mounting on tripod. The exact position of the hole and its thread (1/4″ or 3/8″) depend on the mass of the machine in use and the type of tripod. By the way, in many cases, it is convenient tripod-clamp. It allows you to quickly assemble radiostanice of the proposed device and the photographic enlarger with the removed light cover.
Lead screw, nut and guide rods are made of steel. Other items can be made of duralumin alloy D16.

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