MECHANICAL FISHNimble like a river “the namesake” this mechanical brush can penetrate into the most inaccessible places, clearing different channels in the machine parts or equipment. Not necessarily straight, but even running at a right angle.

To work “out of the corner,” he allows the original design of the base part or casing: a thin-walled metal tube, inside which skipped a flexible roller with a soldered shank and head ruff.
Flexible ruff:
1 — hvostik, 2 — flexible shaft, 3 — tube-guide 4 — head brush with a metal brush.

By pushing the tool in a curved channel tube housing easily accepts its configuration.
Rotary motion to the brush is transmitted through the shank from the shaft of any suitable motor, bormashenko, electric. Despite the ultimate simplicity, ruff Leningrad innovator Ivanov gives a considerable economic effect of nearly 1,500 per year.

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