If you ask a qualified painter interiors, on how many mirrors should be in the apartment, then he must answer: “At least one per room”, adding that the mirror is one of the most spectacular decorations of the home. It all depends on what his frame. We offer you several types of RAM — they are all quite simple, but delicate finish will fit any room.

MODERN MIRROR. Cut the plywood base to the dimensions given in figure 1. In the center of the sheet cut out the hole for the inner frame of the mirror and mount it. Please note that the fourth, closing the plank has a bevel — it makes installation easy.
Cut facing strips semicircular cross section, the comp needs a couple of inches to make the size of the base. Attach them best sewing machines (so-called “white”) glue. Parts are lubricated by them, and after a minute (the time during which the glue slightly “grab”) slats overlap on the base. Installing all the strips, carefully place them on a sheet of plywood, and on top of some cargo. After the glue dries trim the exposed portion of the cladding strips. Make sure that the cut plane is completely perpendicular to the base, and the cutting line is straight.
Saw out and the same glue, attach to the base elements of the outer frame. On the back side, install the bar with a hook for hanging the mirror.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1.
1 — borders of the inner frame, 2 — frame, 3 — mirror, 4 — gasket, 5 — Reiki semicircular cross section, 6 — base, 7 — external frame, 8 — strip.

Most serious attention should be paid to finish Remy. All surfaces must be carefully treated by a skin and to cover furniture varnish (brands C, PF or NTS). Varnishing is best in several passes with intermediate grinding of the external surfaces with fine emery paper.
The mirror itself is mounted in a frame with a small gap and secured the back with a sheet of cardboard or plywood. On the wall it is hung with strong cord.
IN THE FRAME OF SHINGLES. The frame of this mirror is probably the most simple of our proposed (Fig. 2). Its design is very similar, the only difference in the cladding: in the mind of the eye should resemble the dark time and bad weather the shingles.
Finish this frame, besides the above operations, includes coating before painting with black ink, diluted with water — it gives the impression of faded wood.
The degree of dilution is determined experimentally.
Fig. 2.
Fig. 2.
1 — decorative moldings, 2 — base, 3, 4 — the elements of the frame, 5 — mirror, 6 —strip.
There is another spectacular pre-finishing method of firing up the wood with a blowtorch.
IN THE STYLE OF “RETRO”. The frame of this mirror (Fig. 3) is an exact copy of the old which can be seen only in old houses.
Choose or cut out a suitable sized mirror and its dimensions make the plywood base. Grind the blank and the top drill two holes for suspension cord. Then on the prepared surface, put a mirror and draw a pencil its outline. Focusing on the size of the “fields”, saw four semicircular bar forming the frame of the mirror. For fixing the glass in the bars, select the grooves — the so-called “quarter”.
The order of subsequent operations. On the basis of fixed first three semi-circular strips, and then into the grooves retracts the mirror and only then installed the last bottom bracket. The entire Assembly of the frame is performed on a polyvinyl acetate glue. In the last turn in a semi-circular rail of the frame are drilled the holes and inserted the shortened nails with big heads — for greater similarity with the prototype.
Fig. 3.
Fig. 3.
1 — suspension, 2 — base, 3 — frame. 4 — mirror. To the right is the configuration of the upper part of the base.

Before varnishing the wooden parts are covered with stain (also suitable solution of potassium permanganate or brown mascara). Good effect gives the simulated rust on the decorative nails — this hat is painted with dark brown paint.
In the holes of the upper part of the frame, insert the cord of rough netting and tie a knot in it to make a loop. And to absolutely respect the validity of — not hang a mirror ka modern hook and a nail.

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