In two nights I made a simple, but powerful concrete mixer, which greatly facilitates and accelerates operation in suburban buildings. I was building a garage from concrete blocks with dimensions of 400x200x200 mm, which formed itself with the aid of formwork and the concrete mixer. It is made of old barrels liters to 50-60. To assemble this, anyone can do it, using what is at hand. So I give only a schematic diagram and a description of the main parts of the device, and interested themselves transformerait them based on their capacities and materials.

In the barrel cut out the hatch square shape, which is closed by a cover on the hook. The cover is wider than the hatch on all sides of approximately 100 mm. as the seal of the lid—the rubber Mat (it’s what they use in the bath; the water is not critical: the cracks become clogged with cement, and leaks that somehow still gets in the cover tray).
In a barrel in the middle is omitted and the welded axle is a water pipe 3/4″ serving on both sides. On the one hand it’s bowing the knee (this gate), on the other—speaks at the 300 mm end support. Both ends rest on posts with a height slightly above the waist: it will be easier to work with. The axis of the pipe on wooden poles is fixed with clamps.
Inside the barrels welded to the blades of the agitator with a height of about 100 mm.
Barrel mixer
Barrel mixer
Beneath the mixer is a metal tray, and cut again from the barrel.
The technological process is as follows: fill a bucket of cement, 2 to 3 buckets of sand, 3-4 small gravel, added a bucket of water. You need to load the barrel completely, because when mixing, the volume will decrease by about a quarter. “The dry” do not interfere, If the Foundation simply fill the formwork solution, for the formation of blocks it is better to make a collapsible form, on 9-12 blocks at once.
Barrel mixer
The barrel-mixer:
1 —slip the gasket cover (rubber Mat 500×500 mm); 2—cover with handle-bracket (on the form And the cover is closed); 3 —hatch; 4—barrel (60 l); 5—blade (along the entire length of the barrel. 3 PCs., h = 100); 6—clamp axle (2 pieces); 7—bearing (2 PCs, wooden pole Ø 100… 150, h= 1500); 8—hook to the handle-bracket; 9—the tray under the solution; 10—gate-axis (pipe 3/4″)

P. S. you Can, of course, use the barrel and at 200-250 years, but here’s the twist-it will have a couple or with the motor, but that’s another option.
G. TURYGIN, p. Mayak, Lipetsk region.

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