MODULE-SETI have a Studio apartment, and like many with the same conditions I was faced with a difficult problem of rational furnishing his modest living space. To have individual items, for example, such as a bed, sofa, chairs, — in such a situation, not really allowed the luxury. That’s why I decided to make a complex design, consisting of a number of complementary elements are unified modules, the combination of which can replace the traditional set of furniture.

Eight identical cubes, made by shown in figure the scheme, which, however, may vary according to materials used. If it’s plywood, the frame is assembled from bars 40X40 mm. If chipboard on the box of the vertical plates overlap the upper and lower panels. To this box to make the lid — it can store bedding, small things.
If the housing is made from plywood, the side panel sanded down and it is better to cover the transparent furniture varnish, if chipboard — glue the fabric or Wallpaper with a small figure (in the latter case also to cover pack). On the cover fit the foam cushion, with a decorative or upholstery fabrics.
Cube-module (option plywood)
The cube-module (option with the plywood):
1 — cloth covering cushions, 2 — foam, 3 — top panel cover, 4 — frame, 5 — side panel, bottom panel, 7 — felt lining, 8 — lid hinge.

By completing all eight blocks in two rows, get the spacious big bed: 2000 mm length and 1000 mm in width (one cube has dimensions of 500X500 mm). If you expand that, you’ll have a comfortable corner sofa. Place the modules around a small table and can host. A fenced off part of the room, like a barrier, get comfortable baby cot for the baby this design, in my opinion, suitable for any room. On the lower plane of the cubes in the corners of the nail preferably a felt lining size 25X25 mm, so as not to scratch the floors. And last: make the sides of the boxes, slot — it will be easier to move or carry potjazhelevshie cubes.
A. ZAVODNOV, student, Chita

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