MOVE THE CABINET? NOT A PROBLEM!If you decide to do in the house renovation, whitewash ceilings or just make a General cleaning, you will definitely encounter the necessity to move furniture. Here, for example, a wardrobe with clothes or books,— it does not budge until it’s empty. But even empty it is still not particularly transportable. Besides, if before the furniture was on the legs, but now it is mostly on solid supports, made in the form of a frame with a height of about 90 mm. So to sum under it, as before, the rope or slip Mat or felt is not always convenient.

The problem of movement of furniture is easy to solve if requested to supply all cabinets, cupboards, partition walls on casters, which are sold at the hardware store and is designed to fit refrigerators. They are strong enough to “make” myself loaded wardrobe. The latter, mounted on rollers, it will be easy to move around the room one person.
Furniture hardware casters
Furniture hardware rollers:
1 roller Assembly, 2 — solitaire (steel, 3 mm), 3 — nut and bolt MI0, 4 — screw 5 — stand.

For fixation in place just need a few supports under the rollers (they both will serve for compensation of floor unevenness).
A. STEFANIUK, G. G o R o d o and Khmelnytsky region.

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