To Express themselves easier. I have to move home furniture. Where will my wife say, women love such innovations. That’s just the strength may not be enough, especially if you do not unload a Cabinet, sideboard and so forth. But there is a solution. Think about the lever and its wonderful property to develop a large force on the short arm with a small force and a large displacement at long.

As leverage to take strong, without cracks and knots of a piece of oak, maple, birch, cross-section 40×40 or 50×50 mm, length 1200-1500 mm or pole of the same materials and same dimensions. And even better — cut the water pipes or scrap — they are unlike wood will not break under load, if just bend down.
The original part is an bearing of the lever on the floor. It is necessary for the Board thickness not less than 25 and a width of 200-300 mm and a length of about 1000 mm. Or you can take
a sheet of chipboard a little wider, 20 mm thick, veneered better. Edge nailed with nails or screws prevernal scrap boards thickness of 40-50 mm with two notches, as it is shown in the figure. On the bottom facing the floor of the anvil naleem two sheets of corrugated rubber. It remains to put under the legs, or just under the corners of furniture pieces plywood or other thin trim boards with rounded edges, and under them, on a half — strip of dry fabric. Lift corners of furniture for podkladyvanie can our lever on its support.
If we’re going to use a twisting around of furniture at an altitude of 100-200 mm from the floor and wrap and tie the ends of the traction—strong rope is better for reliability, folded in half
or three times, bound inside the rope, insert the lever and fix it in the slots of the support. Standing with both feet on the support for stability and holding on with one hand supporting the wall or move around the furniture, with the other hand pull yourself for the top (long) end of the lever and, through the thrust acting on the furniture, forcing her to move on the floor. Making one small change, the same distance the prop will move in the direction of motion, and all repeat. It is appropriate to follow the wise adage “more haste less speed”, that is, one should not rush to place the rod higher above the floor, to make great efforts. Make sure that the lining is rested on the floor when the furniture may go with them, or even be damaged. The floor should be dry and clean to reduce friction between contacting surfaces.
A device for moving the furniture (a — a pulling force b — thrust)
Device for moving of furniture (a — a pulling force b — thrust):
1 — piece of furniture; 2 — a support (wood particle Board); 3 — cross bar (wood); 4 — sole (rubber); 5 — screw 5×70 (4 PCs); 6 — an arm; 7 — a lining (plywood); 8 — strip (cloth); 9 — rod; 10 — a lining

If we want to use a thrust force, thrust is not needed. But since then you have to touch the furniture directly by the lever, it is better to use soft padding and a square imposed on the lower edge of the furniture. Instead of metal, you can make a square from scraps of boards.
When the lower edge of any piece of furniture too close to the floor, that is, when he has no legs and cannot be implemented with the support arm under the item instead of the gon to apply the clamping pad of a block or set of boards.
V. Novikov, Zhukovsky, Moscow region.

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