MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGRotating even a mild wind of utracki-pinwheels are “decoration” of many plots. Their purpose is very utilitarian and the noise of the propeller to drive away from the site of moles and other rodents, which often destroy the roots of fruit trees and shrubs. Design of petrachkov plain— hinged on a long stick wooden block-cross member, one end of which revolves a wooden or metal propeller, and the other with a plywood keel.


To make such a device not so difficult, but the area of such need not less than a dozen, and the time it will take a lot of. And is such a vetryachok no more than one season: the wood crack, crack and the propeller stops spinning.


On my site for several years now quite successfully noise of the rotary utracki that are made from literally anything— from plastic bottles and aluminum cans of carbonated beverages.

Although such utracki very easy job, however, requires known accuracy. To start, cut out of construction paper pattern-scan of the cylindrical part 2-liter bottles with the Windows — their size and location are selected depending on bottle sizes. Next, using a felt tip pen-marker on the surface of the bottle transferred the outlines of the Windows in their corners hot wire propellets hole, then with sharp scissors on three sides of each window are made of the slot. It remains to fold the “fold” at 30-40 degrees and vetryachok-rotor ready.

To ensure rotor free rotation in the center of the bottle tube is melted down hole with a diameter of about 2 mm and there is introduced the wire axis with a pair of glass beads-bearings. The ends of the axis are bent by the rings. That’s all.


Vetryachok-rotor from a plastic bottle

Vetryachok-rotor from a plastic bottle:

1 — axis (steel, wire d1,5); 2 — beads-bearings; 3 — tube; 4 — bottle-rotor


Suspension of petrachkov-rotors on the branches of fruit trees

Suspension of petrachkov-rotors on the branches of fruit trees


Vetryachok-rotor from beer cans

Vetryachok-rotor of beer cans:

1 — axis (steel, wire d1,5); 2 — beads-bearings; 3 — Bank-rotor; 4 — blade rotor


Ready utracki the rotors are hung on the branches of fruit trees, while not recommend using twine and steel wire, allowing to transmit the vibration from the rotating rotor is much more efficient. If necessary, you can use strings of two, three or four rotors, hitching them to each other. To do this, each long wire axis must pass through the hole in the cork and bottom. In principle, rotating garlands can be hung not only vertically, but also horizontally, from pole to pole.

More noise is obtained from petrachkov-rotors are made of large aluminum beer cans. Make them the rotors as simple as plastic bottles.


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