TABLE-CHANGELINGThere are children’s age, which characterize the popular expression: “you then still under the table foot went”. This is when the child is not interested in playing on the floor, while tuition at a table, he is still not Mature enough. The existing options for coffee tables still cumbersome for a child’s room, and the sharp corners of table tops will be quite traumatic for rolling and very careful of the baby. However, it is easy to make the preschool a special children’s table, which was originally offers the magazine “the Technician” (Germany).


The design may be of interest to concerned parents not only because it has sharp corners, but that is simple in design and therefore is available for self-production. But the important thing is not even that, and the peculiarities of the properties of the table. The fact that this is not just a table: it is necessary to turn – and he will be… chair. Then there is a corresponding set of similar components allows you to build two identical in form but separate in function object – depending on the revolution relative to the side panels.


To make this unusual children’s furniture you can use thick plywood (7-10 mm) or widely offered now in the shops and construction markets furniture shield. To build in the first case, you will need another mounting furniture parts, and the parts of the shield is securely connected just on the screws or using plug-in round thorns (nails) glue (casein, joinery, PVA), with the prior preparation of relevant nasverlennye holes.

Although the design, as already noted, the universal, being both a table and a chair, however it is advisable to harvest details on the subject. Because the child to play and practice more convenient, to set and consisted of table and chairs, no difference in this case, as they are rotated.

Both designs are literally identical, and each consists of only four components: two side panels, countertop and seat. Despite the fact that only the first of said parts are rounded, the design, overall it is collapsible, because the angles of the other details disguise due to the peculiarities of the Assembly. Interestingly, when the design is inverted in the position of “chair” table – top its top is back.

The manufacture and Assembly of

For obtaining side-table-chairs preform can be made directly with the curves using a jigsaw, luchkovoj a saw or narrow hand saw. As a variant – at first, the billet may be right angles, however, the curve is sure to ensure of risk of injury at, as well as desirable and the cutouts on the sides: this will facilitate the construction, which is also important for a child. The cutouts also provide extra comfort for your feet fidget, and the chairs for the hands, when this part of the sidewalls plays a role armrests.

Procurement of the remaining parts is simple as they are simple rectangles. More importantly – how to connect them with comfort, while the seat and the countertop – and even among themselves.


The combined children's furniture (

Combined children’s furniture (“table”, B – inverted position “chair”):

1 – side (2 PCs); 2 – seat; 3 – tabletop

The Assembly is more convenient to begin with compound wall with a seat which is perpendicular to it and pristykovyvayas exactly her average. Then to the resulting T-shaped part of the attached sidewall. Depending on work piece material selected attachment. If the plywood using the mounting of furniture parts and short screws with glue (contact plane of the corners, facing the tree is also lubricated). For options out of shield will fit plug-in round thorns inserted into previously prepared holes in the ground connections, also with glue.


When running blanks and after their Assembly the most important (given that the furniture – children’s) is a thorough treatment with sandpaper, to eliminate any possibility for splinters or scratches. The same purpose is served and part of the subsequent finishing, for example, processing of the ends and edges. And plywood, and the shield, they should be covered with veneer or plastic edging tape, or varnished in several layers with intermediate drying before each new layer of paint.

TABLE-CHANGELINGWith regard to the main surfaces of parts – they are also carefully processed cloth and polished before applying the varnish and after, preferably repeatedly.

Furniture Board is usually already processed surface or a plastic trim – then parts of it enough to treat just the edges.

Not treated surface is preferably painted with enamel paints in bright colors, and work surface countertops – green or brown paint: as recommended child psychologists.

Sides, seat and back of the countertop can be painted in different colors – from this furniture will be more elegant and much nicer for the child’s perception: the kids like everything bright, festive.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that this furniture is not only used for its intended purpose: children love to build an imaginary game environment from household items, and the design is the best suited for this. Here are “hidden” and the fortress and the engine, and the car trailer – but who knows what will nafantazirovat of her baby.

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