THE WHEELBARROW IS HEAVY DUTY AND THE CROSSGardener, gardeners, builders difficult to do without such a vehicle, like a car. When moving a wide variety of goods it greatly facilitates the hard work — saves energy, time, and possibly health when the volume of traffic is significant. In the markets of construction materials and are sold in hozmage cars of various designs. But at a price that is incomparable in their efficiency. Besides, they are made according to the type of commercial trucks with the wheel in front of the loading platform (or body).

As we know from school physics course, such a system forms a lever of the second kind. So almost half the mass of the load falls on the hand pulling. If you try to lift most of the weight on the fulcrum (wheel) lifting above the handle, then push the cart becomes much more difficult.

To unload a car rollover forward is also easy, as the whole mass has to transship through a fulcrum (the wheel). Dumping the same load on the side creates such bending (twisting) moments in the frame of the cart to which it was not designed.

The frame of my car I did along with arms, arching it in the shape of the letter P from the half-inch water-gas supply pipes (outside diameter 21.3 mm). From segments of the same pipe and all other parts: crossmember, support wait-ing, the struts, the cradle.

Large radii parts twisting “in cold”, the small, the local heating with a blowtorch. All the connection elements were carried out by arc welding.


The design of the cars (body shot)

The design of the cars (body shot):

1 — wheel; 2 — a plug axis; 3 — body (stamped steel trough); 4 — column support (2); 5 — handle (steel pipe 1″, 2); 6 — cross frames; 7 — frame; 8 — frame; 9 — brace; the nodes 1,2 — scooter Elektron; details 4,6,7,8,9 — steel pipe 1/2″

As the body used the old stamped steel trough manufactured in the factory. It and prescribed the dimensions of the frame of the wheelbarrow, as the trough is inserted into it. Arm extended, so it was convenient to stay. On the ends put on and welded handles — inch segments of pipe.

The body is removable attached to the frame by four M4 screws through the appropriate holes in the frame trough and in the tube of the frame. Under the middle of the body to the frame welded the bracket-to-cradle.

For chassis used the wheel with the axle and the fork of the scooter “Electron”. Fork wheel has been welded to the cradle. Fixing this node strengthened with two struts. The lower ends of the struts secured in the normal eyes feathers plugs, and the top welded to the front part of the frame.

In order for the body during loading was horizontal, and the car fell on its side, to the handles about the crossmember welded support legs. So they are not sinking into the ground, bottom welded to it glides.


Basic dimensions of cars

The principal dimensions of the cars

Chassis design — the chassis and frame was very tough. It allows you to unload the body on three sides: forward, left and right. At the same time, wide-base tires fairly large diameter gives the car good permeability and smoothness.

Due to the fact that the center of gravity is on the axis of the wheel on the wheelbarrow to easily carry loads of 50-60 kg, even the untrained person. To dump the material carried in bulk, too, is not too difficult.

And again. For the convenience of moving goods down the incline are going to install in the car brake lever with cable, because the brake in the wheel already exists.


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