MULTI-ANGLESComplementary small-sized furniture because it can be used for different purposes. Have these qualities offer the German magazine “Praktik” (see pictures) segmental modules. The upper part is mounted on two perpendicular to each other by wooden panels.

The modules are made of chipboard with thickness of 19 — 20 mm. Each segmental element has dimensions 450x450x450 mm (1). It is advisable to make 4 of these modules. One can serve as a corner bedside table, located on each other, the modules form a hierarchy (2), and placed closely next to each other, they will form a round table (3). To keep them can be put with each other a compact slide (4).
After a precise transfer of the drawing on the wood plate must be accurately contour cut lid and sides. It is very important that between any two mating surfaces remained straight angle. Two mutually perpendicular sidewalls connected by push-pins. In the same way the cover is attached to the sidewalls. Each connection of two adjacent panels is performed using two round plug-in thorns. That is followed by the puttying, sanding and painting.
Fig. 1. Furniture segment
Fig. 1. Furniture segment:
1 — top and side panels (20 mm chipboard); 2 — ship (6 pieces); 3 — felt circles (7 pieces)

Fig. 2. The shelves of segments
Fig. 2. The shelves of the segments
Fig. 3. Four segments make up table
Fig. 3. Four segments make up table
Fig. 4. Compact storage segments — slide
Fig. 4. Compact storage segments — slide

Chipboard — the material is porous, so the puttying end surfaces should be performed carefully. Grinding is done with fine emery paper. The surface of the elements is colored in harmony with the interior color.
After drying, the paint must be affixed to the safety circles of felt on the lower surface of the cap. In addition, the same strip of felt glued to the floor facing the end surface of the sidewalls. These measures will prevent scratches and scuffs when setting up and folding elements on each other and on the floor.

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