NEXIA TRIES ON A TRUNKThe trunk for the car — what backpack for a tourist, without him, the motorist — especially vacationers — not enough. It is necessary not only for our “Lada”, “Muscovites” and even “Volga” — cars is also not superfluous equipment. But the cost of imported racks is much higher. Expensive. So I started adapting domestic products to inomarki (specifically for Nexia).

The first problem is the hook. On our cars (Fig.1 a) trunk 1 is attached to the drainage groove of the piping 5 located on the contour of the roof 3 above the door 6. For this purpose the support foot 2 is inserted into the groove and fixed bottom clamp 4.

Nexia (Fig.1 b) catchment trough with an l-shaped lug for attachment of the trunk is located directly on the roof. In this case, the bend of the clip 4 should be above the base of the legs 2 (not lower, as in “Zhiguli”, etc.). Had the lower part of the clamps (Fig.2) trim to 6 mm. But the length of contact of the clamp with an l-shaped ledge, already small, decreased. This problem was solved by the lining 2 (Fig.2B) is welded to the remainder of the clamp.
Scheme hook trunk
Fig.1. Diagram of a hook of the trunk (on domestic cars; b — Nexia):
1 — boot; 2 — Laika; 3 — car roof; 4 — clamp; 5 — gutter; 6 — door

Clamping: a — initial; b — modernized
Fig.2. Clamp:
a — initial; b — upgraded

Foot: a — initial; b — upgraded
Fig.Z. Foot:
a — initial; b — upgraded
Strengthening the trunk
Fig.4. Strengthening of the trunk:
1 — ordinary crossmember; 2 — mounting rail; 3 — strips of strengthening (steel, strip 30×2)


As can be seen from Fig.1, when transferring the trunk to the Nexia dramatically increases the height of its location above the roof of the car, and this is undesirable because the higher the trunk, the greater the leverage of the force, contributing to its shift, rolling over. To reduce the impact of harmful factors, the trunk should be lowered. I cut each foot, and then welded both parts of the BHA-whipping, the overlap is 60 mm (Fig.3).
And the last problem (which, incidentally, is not associated with the “adaptation” of the trunk) — lack of rigidity of the attachment legs to the crate.
Unfortunately, the mounting of the tie bar that connected the legs, have an open profile cross section and, as a consequence, low resistance to bending and twisting, which leads to the instability of the whole trunk. To increase rigidity I combined the three outer crossmember with each side of the welded straps.
The upgraded domestic trunk securely and conveniently mounted to Nexia and other cars with similar claws.

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