DO NOT SLIDE AND LADDERMusic, games, educational DVDs today include almost every house like books and cassette tapes. While many of them — folding the stack is not very difficult to use. When the same number continues to grow — to find in this slide the desired disc becomes difficult.

Trade offers as a way out of this situation “multi-storey” clips of different formats to embed in them like stocks. However, as a rule, they are plastic and therefore too light and unstable or suspended — suggesting the inevitable “injury” of the walls.
The alternative we find in the Bulgarian magazine “Guide yourself” — wood, besides available for self-production. The tabletop design is captivating not only because it is simple and convenient, but also with the necessary stability, as well as the possibility of execution as an organic complement to the furniture both in form and colour. The number of “steps” under the drives can be any required, and the number of clips. In this case there is a choice — to make them thematic: separate music, games, movies.
Design and materials
The yoke comprises two plywood side walls with a thickness of 5 — 7mm wire mesh holders and discs between them, located a ladder, ending at the top of the small plywood wall.
The holders can be performed in the two most affordable options for videocassettes and CD — disks. First, A (see Fig.), is an Assembly of strips of wood (spacers) with a thickness of 10 — 15 mm (length to the width of the cassette) and nailed it to a plywood cladding wall height of 62 mm. the Second option (B) is even simpler: it can be conventional wood studs or floorboards. All parts are connected to each other and with the side walls by means of nails or screws, coat with glue (PVA, “Time”).
The side walls can be given a certain slant back, so the design will adopt an inclined (“tilted”) position, contributing to a convenient disk location.
Since all wooden construction, and finishing techniques traditional. End cuts are carefully processed with emery paper with successive reduction of its grain. In the same way even before the Assembly is polished and the rest of the surface. A further decorative finish is dependent on the intent of the performer. If it is desirable to give the structure the appearance corresponding to the finish of the surrounding furniture, you can use the toning (e.g. a stain) and varnish in several layers, with careful intermediate drying and zashlifovyvayut fine-grained sandpaper.
Cage for storage of computer disks
Clip for storage of computer disks:
1—the side walls (plywood, 2); 2—the back wall (plywood); 3—spacer under the videotape (wooden plank); 4—enclosing wall (plywood); 5—holder under the disc (grooved Board)

In the case of not winning the surfaces it is better to cover the enamel paint (and you can use different colors in one design). It is also necessary to make (for environmental requirements), if used blanks of particleboard.
When the tree has a beautiful surface pattern — just carefully sanded the parts and cover the transparent furniture varnish.

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