NUTRICOM IS INTERESTINGThe article “He invented nutrit” (1975, No. 5) was very interested in me. I came up with a small improvement schemes nutrida. If the plane of rotation of gears attached to a horizontal tilt of 30-45 degrees, the efficiency of the whole engine will increase significantly.

When rotating the weights, once in the upper position will cause the movement not only forward but also upward, then the friction force will be the smallest. In the lower position weights are powers back and down: the friction force is highest, and the backward movement is minimal.
I myself nutrit have not done, but I think that my improvement would be helpful.
B. POLYANIN, student of 9th class, Moscow
In the may issue of the journal EU told about Vladimir Bragin and his model nutrida. I was fascinated by the idea of creating mechanisms that can move only by virtue of some “internal” forces. The article has all the basic data for the notion of the principle of the device of the unusual transport. They say, in particular, that the speed depends on the radius of the path of rotation of the eccentric.
Scheme nutricote
Scheme nutricide:
1 — motor, 2 — drive shaft roller, 3 — weights, 4 — tape, 5 — body, 6 — shaft of the tension pulley.
However, increasing the radius will increase and the width of nutrida. Therefore, there will be more friction the resistance to motion.
To avoid this, in nutricote can be used tape, which is attached to the load. The tape rotates, one or two electric motors. Here is the scheme of nutricola: maybe someone wants to try that option.
Oleg DERMACIN, school № 51, Ufa

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