ONE FOR TWOIt turns out that a shovel with a folding bayonet can be useful not only for tourists but also for gardeners. A different constructive solution of the node folding shovel will give additional “specialty”: when attaching the bayonet perpendicular to the cutting position obtained by the hoe.

Body rotating unit is made of a piece of inch water pipe, one end of which is threaded, and on the other — cut the wedges for ease of donning on the shaft Then the threads welling direct water coupling and in the inner hole of the pipe is pressed on the finger that serves as a support for the axis of rotation of bayonet spade.
1 — shaft, 2 — the case of knot, 3 — clutch, 4 — finger, 5 — axis, 6 — bayonet spade
Completes tool making installation in the upper part of the bayonet two strong cheeks square steel plates with a thickness of 6 mm. Drill them through the hole d 10 mm n connect the bayonet with a support finger steel axle.
Now for rigid fixation of the bayonet in any of three positions, turn the screw coupling until it stops at the corresponding ends of the cheeks.

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