POPOSKI-CLAMSHELLIn small, especially one-bedroom apartments, at least not serious to look for such functional separation: living room, bedroom, children’s. But because there is a special approach, specific furniture requirements, and above all its versatility and ability to transform that is to be released as a larger area for the daytime.

In this sense, curious choices transforming furniture suggested to the readers of the Bulgarian journal “Guide yourself.” Interestingly, the possibility of such a non-traditional approach to its design could arise through the extensive use of modern headsets soft items — chairs, sofas, couches — based foam instead of all kinds of springs. This is convenient because it allows to obtain the elastic layer of the desired thickness — from thin to thick bulky Mat, pillows, and any shape. Which led, apparently, to the creation of furniture from this material.

Let’s take the example of concrete structures — folding chairs They have in common is that as one, and the other is missing the usual wooden body or frame of their functions, perform yourself a foam cushion enclosed in durable fabric pouches. Based on the proposed idea, consider the possible variants of its implementation.
Here’s how can be resolved the chair of the four pillows. One of them is reference, it is mounted vertically and supports the other pillow — the back of the chair, which folded in two, forming the seat. Unfolded they turn into couch, and one piece is connected on top of the joints sturdy strips of fabric, canvas or synthetic leather. This role is a kind of joints can perform and clasp-“lightning” that in practice even better: convenient to carry one pad to clean, embossing or dry summer. As a variant — all three pillows of the sunbeds can be a single the top panel. In this case, the embedded foam Windows when sewing pillows will be the end or the side, also fastened to the “zipper”. This solution will cost nothing at the right time to take out the foam, for example, to wash the covers or give them to the dry cleaners.
A few words about the vertical, supporting a backrest cushion. It can be done with a bevel, wide side facing seat, to give the chair a comfortable tilt. But it can be direct — then for the formation of inclination of the back cushions you should make a few shortened seat cushion: the gap between it and the reference will cause the backrest to deviate.
And again. If necessary, the supporting part of the chair can be solved and as a bedside table, which is comfortable to put on day bedding. The easiest way in this case to collect it from the plywood sheets with a thickness of 8. .10 mm, and if the frame, it is possible and thinner. Cap tables will serve as a top plate and chamfered at the option of the side facing the lounger. The table should cover the same with the covers cloth, tape, or docked at the back bottom seat cushion.
Dimensions of pillow are approximate; they are determined based on the desired height of the seat, and the unfolded form of growth who will use the lounger.
Chair of the four pillows
Chair with four pillows:
1 — seat, 2 — back, 3 — pole, 4 — base, 5 — tape (or “zip”).
Supporting seat part in the form of bedside tables

The supporting seat part in the form of bedside tables.
Chair of the six pillows
The chair of the six pillows:
1 — seat, 2 — tape connection (or “lightning”), 3 — arms, 4 — back, 5 — pole chairs, tubular, 6 — panel, uniting pillow covers, armrests and backrest (option tapeless).

The same approach has continued in the manufacture of the second chair. It is going to have six soft foam cushions, allowing converts to a double sunbed. The cushions are connected in a series of three, but in different ways. One of the three all connecting strip or “zipper” are sewn, as in the previous embodiment, from above; when folding the chair, they form the armrests and backrest. The second of three on the middle pillow top is sewn only one lane and the second from the bottom of another joint of pillows: one adds seat.
The resulting set, folded into a chair, held by covering it on the sides and rear outer tubular fencing. While he doesn’t have to be Tselikov, bent from a single pipe, it is possible to assemble the fencing of the rectangular framework assembled from the segments of water and gas pipes and stacked together. For covers pillows it is better to use furniture upholstery fabric colorful, bright or, on the contrary, solid smooth colors. “Lightning”, it is desirable to use a split, “krupnooptovye”, as in tourist tents and sleeping bags — they are more reliable. Pipe fencing shestiproletnogo chairs should be painted with black paint or vivid enamel, coordinating with the colors on the cover (however, in contrast to her).
Development B. NEVSKOGO

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