RETURN SCREENIt would seem that the screen has gone forever from our life. Really, where now you see her —is amongst the theatrical props. And whether it is necessary in a modern apartment? It turns out — the need for it arises today. For example, in one malogabaritki the screen can be separated, for example, the bed of a sick or elderly person, a sleeping place of a child. In addition, it is now customary to organize housing according to the functional areas and its role here can play a screen. Furthermore, a beautifully executed, it becomes a winning decorative element of the interior.

And to facilitate the return screen will undoubtedly be the simplicity of its design and variety of execution as the number of valves and their design. One of them, prompted by the magazine “Burda moden”, we offer our readers several simplifying elements of it.

To make this a four-screen, it is sufficient to have a set of rails with cross-section 40×20 mm and the fabric drapery or curtains.

From strips cut 8 racks with a length of 1600 mm and 12 cross members length of 500 mm. the Ends of all the blanks cut down to connect vpoldereva — get the frame folds. In the lower part of the uprights, in addition, half their thickness saws the grooves for the additional crossmember.
A four-screen:
1 — cross brace 2 — front. 3 — hinges hinge, 4 cloth decorative.

To connect the valves screwed into the rack abutting the annular loop, skip of the axis-bolts and tighten the nuts.
After all the doors are connected by hinges such that the design spread on the floor and part of the valves and their additional crossbars upholstery buttons fasten the fabric. Not necessarily solid or homogeneous piece: colorful patchwork, applique, draping options depend on your imagination. It is desirable that the fabric had a nice texture or pattern, and the colors it blends seamlessly with the surrounding decor in the room. To contrast — when painting the part of screen preferred pale or dark tones.

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