SCREEN-CABINETIf in apartment there is a separate children’s room, organize the workplace for a student is not as easy and even more so, if a family has two students. But here, the design savvy home handymen suggests access. Here’s the solution to the problem is offered, for example, the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster hobby.” This is a screen with folding tables. At first glance, the drawings attracted the attention of a screen. Working on both sides students will not interfere with each other.

But after a careful consideration of the design it is easy to see that this is not just a screen, and an unusual partition between the two folding tables which it is attached. All of the design elements is so simple that its manufacture can participate in the children themselves.

The materials required for the work available. First of all, this wooden bruski section 40×20 mm and sheets of plywood or hardboard.
First going screen. It consists of three frames with cross members; apertures can be tightened with a thick cloth, lined with plywood or hardboard. Connected to the frame between a traditionally — hinged, two or three on each joint. Krepit them it is necessary to provide a folding of all three frames into a single flat package. While trapped outside the frame and will be grounds for folding tops.
Two tables with the screen folded in a flat package
Two tables with the screen folded in a flat package
Legs attached to the table top on hinges
Legs are attached to the table top on hinges
After being folded up legs fixed with the hook.
After being folded up legs fixed with a hook
Installation of wooden turntables for uderzenia table in the raised position
Installation of wooden turntables for uderzenia table in the raised position
Basic details screen-client
Basic details screen-client:
1,2 — bars part of the screen; 3 — cross member rack screen; 4 — loop connection part of the screen; 5 — eyelet countertops; 6 – frame of the tabletop; 7 — plywood sheathing; 8 — leg composite, adjustable; 9—holes for height adjustment of legs; 10 – loop fasteners legs

Two tables with the screen folded in a flat package. Tables themselves can be collected in the same way as the frame of the screen — from wooden bars that form the frame of the table tops and legs. The scope of the first sheathed with plywood, and frame the second component: each leg is assembled from two U-shaped parts, one of which is connected to the table top with metal loops, and the second is attached thereto, with some downward shift and allows you to adjust the height of the table under growth of the child. The adjustment is carried out through a series of holes on both legs, in which are inserted the bolts and nuts. The same holes on the vertical bars of the screen part, which is pivotally mounted metal lugs frame tops (the role of joints can perform ordinary screws).
Width of table top should be such that the folding table she was flush inside the frame of the screen. In the raised position the top is fixed mounted on the vertical wooden bars of the screen decks. The stability of the table in the lowered, working position on the frame of the tabletop attaches to the hook and the leg corresponding loop.
Tabletop as well as its support-leg does not have to be frame construction: these items can be made from furniture Board, while maintaining the described method of connection between them and the screen.
All wooden parts are carefully trimmed by a sandpaper, and then painted with enamels in bright colors or (optionally) soaked with stain and covered in several layers (with intermediate drying) furniture or parquet varnish.
This “Cabinet” can be fixed as a permanent area for employment or school every time after prep to fold and get out so as not to interfere in a small room.

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