SEAMS-TWINSBrick masonry is always exposed. Brick has a regular geometric shape, and on the background of the uneven mortar joints are very visible and look ugly. To withstand the same thickness of the seams between all the rows of bricks is not easy, even a professional Mason with experience, not to mention the beginner or “samostroyka”.

Meanwhile, there is a solution. For this we need to make a simple fixture, I peeped in some foreign magazine and slightly modified. The main difficulty in its manufacture — welded parts, which themselves are very simple — it is the steel strip, section 2,5×15 mm, but because the design is clear from the drawing and does not require special explanation.
Deliberately do not specify a connection line (welds) parts fit — they can hold someone who wants to make it as it sees fit (as it will be easier to divide into separate parts).
Fixture dimensions are taken for a standard brick size 250x125x100 mm (length x width x height) and the thickness of the mortar layer, 15 mm. If you are using stone with a height of 65 mm (e.g. silica), it is necessary to reduce accordingly the height of the vertical parts of the tool.
This device helps to maintain the evenness of the series even without power, as it directs the laying of a solution relative to the previous brick — only have another stone to Orient exactly in line solution.
GLUKHOV, Saransk

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