SEATED BARTwo or three intense strength exercise can be more effective prolonged light exercise. The DPJ is this a good bar or bars — shells, clearly not intended for the apartment. However, they can successfully replace a simple device, proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”. It takes up little space, is universal and suitable DPJ workouts at any age.
The basis of his two steel profile of square section, connected by a pad of thick sheet of plywood or particle Board. The third element— a cross-beam of the same profile is clamped in the first two screws.
To the base of the arc is welded from bar stock or pipe and tubular struts, which are fixed by screws to the ends of the “rungs”. This tube length is about 3600 mm, which imparted an arcuate shape. To the pipe is not collapsed if bent, it should pre-fill with dry sand. The work will be easier if the rounds of the place to heat on the fire.
On the arcs and between the uprights are attached three soft “brick” — upholstered in leatherette foam or felt cushions with rigid base (Board, metal Plate). Side airbags are mounted on the arcs of the retaining screw and nut at their base, so that they can be rotated to form a soft cross.
Universal shell
1 — the basis.2-area, 3 — tie bar — locking bolts, 5 — stand, 6 — bar, 7 — cushion racks, rotary pillow arc, 9 arc, 10 — screw, 11 — area.

Such a shell allows you to perform a variety of exercises: pull-UPS, as on the bar, stand upside down, as on bars, all kinds of deflections, spin, and many others (see exercise 1-7).

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