DIAPHRAGM PUMPSWe offer homemade compressor is designed for use in the home. With its help you can quickly and efficiently carry out paint work or the pump wheel of the car. The compressor consists of a motor and driven in a movement of the nozzle of the pump.The nozzle is mounted on the mounting plate, is mounted on three studs. Pump — diaphragm type. It consists of an aluminum head, to which the studs are attached to the socket of the intake and exhaust valves, and diaphragm of rubberized fabric sandwiched between the head and the steel ring. With the pressure plate diaphragm connected with the piston and the connecting rod.

The rotational motion of the motor shaft is converted by the eccentric to reciprocating motion of the connecting rod, and hence of the diaphragm. When moving from the top position to lower the absorption of air in the internal cavity of the head. In the reverse movement of the spring loaded suction valve closes, air under pressure opens the exhaust valve and out through the nozzle.
In the connecting rod with a slight interference fit pressed on two bearings, scopolamine ring. Eccentric mounted on the shaft of the engine on the key. To reduce vibrations generated by the connecting rod to the eccentric and shaft are mounted the primary and secondary beams. Accurate adjustment is made last in the process of working with the compressor.
The base is made of thick PCB. Sockets,valves, fitting and piston is made of nylon (polyamide P-AK7). The compressor housing is assembled from a sheet of PCB thickness of 2.5 m.
1 — base (PCB); 2 — the balancer additional (CT1); 3 — the balance wheel of the primary (CC1); 4,18,36,39 — bolts M6; 5 — eccentric (FT4); 6 — plate mounting (CT1); 7 — rod (FT4); 8 piston (polyamide); 9 — pressure washer (AL-5); 10 — socket outlet (polyamide); 11 — valve outlet (polyamide); 12 — fitting guide (polyamide); 13 — pin; 14,33 — washers 15 coil spring; 16 — socket suction (polyamide); 17 — suction valve (polyamide); 19 — a bolt M5 piston; 20 — bushing remote (3 pieces); 21 — a lock ring; 22 — the motor AVE-071-4; 23 — bushing depreciation (rubber, 4 pieces); 24 — bearing (rubber, 4 pieces); 25 nut M5 (8 PCs); 26 — plate presser; 27 — pin M5 (2 PCs.); 28 — M5 bolt head (12 PCs); 29— head (AL-5); 30 — ring (CT1); a 37 — aperture (rubberized fabric); 32 — bearing 7000806 (2); 34 – key; 35 — spacer (St1); 37 the compressor housing (PCB); 38 — a bolt M8 (4 PCs); 40 paw reference (2 PCs.)

Used motor — AVE-071-4 —from the washing machine. The fast-winding shaft speed increased from 1350 to 2800 rpm For best start-up at reduced voltage with an additional starting capacitor 10 MK x 250, if necessary, turn on the circuit button. Buttons and switches must be rated for a voltage of 220 V and a current not less than 2 A.
It is possible to use in the compressor motors and other brands, but appropriate facilities. The motor from the washing machine not have to be work, but in this case, the pressure created by the compressor, is almost twice less; decreases and performance.
Long period of operation confirmed the high reliability of the manufactured compressor.
Short technical data of the compressor:
The maximum generated
pressure, kg/cm2……………………………6
(at 3 kg/cm2, l/min)……… at least 25
The voltage, V………………220
Consumed power, W……….400
Mode………………….intermittent (30 min. job……10 min. pause)
Weight, kg…………………………………… 10,5

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