SIMPLE AND EASYQuick-drying underwear in the kitchen over the gas stove, but there comes a time dining, and hanging over your head, it begins to deliver visible discomfort. And fresh cloth easily absorbs odors. Use of balcony (if any) is not always possible. This is why one of the most suitable for drying seats in the house is the bathroom.
Collapsible dryer, we offer, is easy to manufacture, easily mounted and removed, without the need for mounting the unit to the wall anchors or screws and, finally, it can be used as bracket for blinds in the bathroom.
The transverse elements of the dryer pieces of wood with cross section of 50X30 mm and a length of 630 mm. At the ends of one of them, there are Two counterbore — blind cylindrical hole with a flat bottom, a depth of 10-15 mm. Size shall provide for free, but the backlash-free installation of the longitudinal tubes of the frame. In the second block, two threaded screws attached the bracket. Each of them represents a steel plate of size 20X3 mm with 60X welded in the center of the bolt М10Х60 Then both bars evenly place 6 hooks for clotheslines.
1 — cross-section wooden block, 2 — longitudinal tube, 3 — hook, 4 — bracket 5 — nut.
The longitudinal elements of the frame serve as a metal or plastic pipe with an outer d of 15-20 mm. At one end of each tube it is necessary to fix the nut M10. She must be protected from rotation and axial shift. This can be done by welding or soldering brazing — if the pipe is steel or brass, molded — in aluminum using epoxy for plastic. If possible, it is better to grind the nut from steel rod of hexagon (see figure): the rim will provide the necessary axial stop and the hexagon will be useful in the Assembly of the frame.
When the items are ready, screw the tube nuts on their threaded brackets the cross-bar. The other party to insert them in the socket of the second bar. The length of the pipes should be such that the frame included between the walls with a small gap. Place the rack in the selected location, and rotating the pipe, transverse bars extend all the way to the wall. Tighten the threaded connection key for the collar nut or knob through the radial through hole of the pipe.
If the front pipe of the frame will be used as a bracket for blinds, don’t forget before assembling to put on her plastic rings.

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