Most parents drive their children to nurseries and kindergartens. The summer with their delivery and the way back home, usually no problem — the children running ahead of parents or taking them to a comfortable strollers.

In winter the situation is different: in a rural location on the tracks — snow knee-deep, and in the city on the sidewalks — ice or ice-salt porridge. The roads and adults that walk with difficulty or apprehension, but here we still have to carry a baby or push the stroller the summer with him. In the best case, use a simple sled, some dad will make the seat chair and the handle of the valve. Gonna tuck the mother of the child in a blanket, tied to the sled — eve’s garden (or back)
In the old days I was lucky enough to see the model children’s sled is not worse than the coaches, even great-grandparents made of vines, wood, bark, plywood, etc. — beautiful and convenient “transport” means. Just for the Russian winter. But, apparently, extinct are craftsmen, and industry and entrepreneurs don’t want just to communicate.
When my son was born and began to grow (and that was almost fifteen years ago), he also began to attend kindergarten and had to withdraw there and to bring back I Have to say that the path was not so close, and public transport routes with him did not coincide.
So I wanted to make also comfortable sled type “coach.” However, old-fashioned craft of wickerwork or bark did not own, and to learn there was nobody. Then decided to use a more modern technology that have mastered “life” and make the sled. . made of metal. On the paper was a sketch with anatomical seats for toddler in a stroller in order to fit it into the frame of the sled. For further size measurements of the baby boy, the height from the ground to the bent elbows of my mother’s hands, as well as the length and width of the standard runners of children’s sleds.
Sled with anatomical chair
The sled with the anatomical chair:
1 — snake (steel strip 35×3, 2); 2 — front strut (steel pipe Ø12, 2); 3 — rail (steel pipe Ø12, 2); 4 — earring (made of anodized aluminum, the sheet s5, 2pcs); 5 — solitaire (sheet s1,2); 6 — rear strut (steel pipe Ø12, 2 PCs ); 7 — mesh; 8 — handle (steel pipe Ø16 and rubber hose); 9— seat (cloth insulated); 10 a seat belt; 11 — mount seat (nylon tape or “Velcro”); 12 — cross bar (steel pipe Ø12, 4 pieces); 13 — Klondike (sheet s1, 4 PCs.)

Plywood has drawn the side view in full size (scale 1:1) and prepared the necessary blanks of the sidewalls, the rails of the rack rails of the Workpiece laid on top of the drawing and welded together. Then finished the sides connected by cross members and tack welding. Checked first visually and then using the tools of parallel rails, vertical struts and perpendicular cross members, prevail all joints are full joints. Between the uprights and cross members welded another process.
The next stage — the device handle-arc of node and its folding. At this stage it is possible to finally determine the height of the handle by bending (up or down) of the shanks of the rails. The arc put a soft hose and earrings. The shanks of the grab bars and rear racks welded cut from the steel sheet mm gusset plate with holes through which screws M4 pivotally attached to the ends of the arc-pen (in the unfolded form, they are earrings) the Frame is ready but you need to carefully clean the joints and paint to the desired color.
Seat-the seat for the sled made a wife, and therefore cannot accurately describe the technology, but I will say the following. The case consists of three parts: left, right, and middle the Choice of material is quite wide: from fur to nylon. Cold material it is necessary to insulate sintepona, batting, polyurethane foam. The thickness of the insulation depending on climate zone.
On the sled seat was suspended using nylon lace, but you can on a hook and Velcro. Under the seat, pulled the net for shopping bag, front buckled belt, and the sides mounted category (reflectors): white and red.
Son’s sled with a chair liked, and he gladly agreed to go on this “vehicle” in the garden and on the weekends sleeping in it outdoors in addition, we brought a sledge to the house where the child was playing with them and sitting in them, agree even is unloved porridge.
When he grew older sled with a chair we got a friendly family, who also began to carry the child to kindergarten, and the family later — another family…
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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