CLEANER-VODEOSUnfortunately, vacuuming can remove dry dust and debris. But what to do if you want to collect the spilled oil finally, just dirt? Surely the old fashioned way to use cloth? Suddenly it’s a very simple solution. Took a five-liter canister and filled it with water. At the top you cut a hole, where tightly put the aluminium tube. Then the hose was connected the neck of the canister with the suction hole of the vacuum cleaner, and the aluminum pipe pulled another of the same hose. Turning on the vacuum cleaner, I was convinced that the device works fine — it successfully sucked dirt, debris, spilled water. Water trap worked very well: it is almost completely filtered both solid and liquid components. The filter of a vacuum cleaner is almost not polluted. By the way, a vacuum cleaner with such a device as well and picks up dust, so they can be cleaned clothes, floors, carpets. To clean a water filter is much easier than fabric — enough to drain the contaminated water and by rinsing the canister, fill it again.

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