TOBACCO PIPEAmong smokers at all times, alone stood out, those who prefer tubes. This is due not only to the dubious assertion that the pipe is less harmful, but solemnity in the ritual of tamping it with tobacco and the process of Smoking Many of its supporters is captivating, and yet that with all the variety of pipe TOBACCOS they have one thing in common – most of them are scented and smell good.


The latter fact imposes a special requirement to the storage of tobacco, so it has not lost its unique flavor — Hence a large variety of pouches and special snuff — as a handheld or desktop One of the options table snuff offered its readers of the French magazine “System D”. It is characterized by simplicity of design and ease of use, and most importantly — retains the exquisite smell of pipe tobacco.

The proposed table snuff is any suitable volume glass jar with a screw cap guarantees the maximum preservation of the tobacco flavor. However, such storage would violate the aesthetics of the whole pipe ritual. In addition, the Bank must somehow be isolated from the environment for a more thorough preserve within it the necessary for tobacco dryness. All this will serve to frame the glass storage case It can be plywood, cardboard or tin. Depending on the material (and of course the ability to deal with it) is selected and the method of its manufacture.
Cardboard option
It is the easiest to implement, but outwardly, this snuff will not differ from the others, because it may be identical with them decoration
A piece of cardboard is taken with the expectation that, skirting at right angles to the Bank, he had a small amount of the glue valve at the final junction of the walls of the housing. The main part of the paper is divided into four parts, and is bent at scribing lines. After sticking valve (PVA, silicate glue), we obtain the “wall” part of the body of the bag.
Cardboard box
Cardboard box:
1 — wall (cardboard); 2,7 — insulator (foam), 3 — the bottom of the case, 4 — applique (adhesive tape); 5 — the top of the case (with a window); 6 — screw cover cans; 8 — cover-the-box

Remains the top and bottom of the box. They could be just flat, but the construction as a whole it is better to form a kind of Cup, with its small wall for sticking into the box. Both of these parts are made equally; square blank of cardboard should be slightly larger than the perimeter of Cabinet parts 15 — 20 mm order, causing her lines on the inner dimensions of the body and doing it bends to form a Cup, tightly incoming into the case. Pasted from below such a billet constitutes the bottom of the snuffbox, and the second, round neck inside the upper part. The latter is glued in after the glass container is inserted, and so that stood a threaded portion under the screw cap.
The inside of the shell around the cans filled with any insulating material; foam or cork chips, wool, etc.
The upper part of the assembled box, a decorative object may be covered with cardboard as a cover, too, in the form of a Cup with a small inlet, the walls of which are sufficiently tightly clasp the body. Inside this Cup is glued screw cap cans with the addition of a thermal insulation material.
The option of the plywood
Suitable plywood from veneer or thin plywood: (with some accounting descriptions cardboard) collected from the housing wall, the bottom and top part of the box (with a hole for the neck of the banks).
The method of assembling a plywood case snuff
Way to build the plywood hull of the woodwork:
1 — the abutting wall; 2 — wooden block of triangular cross-section

The Assembly of the walls is performed using the insert from the inside of the triangular wedges (carpenter’s glue, casein, PVA), the length of which is adjusted for the thickness of the put (also with glue) the top and the bottom of the housing.
Tin option
Filling okolovenoznoe space — similar to cardboard.
You can also pick up and ready a metal can of suitable shape and size, for example, of tea or other bulk products. However, it is easy and especially to make such, using as a material plate of a large household cans (say, out of tomato paste).
Methods and sequence of operations will be similar to option out of cardboard, but with its own characteristics in relation to specific material
Pattern parts tin case-the-box (by place)
The pattern parts tin case-the-box (by location):
1 — layout of walls, 2 — upper case, 3 — bottom; 4 — pattern cover

At first carved from the banks of the rectangle awl rascherchivanija pattern, including four walls of snuff and a narrow valve at the next junction. Two patterns will be required for top and bottom, but without the valves.
If you now bend at the layouts of the first pattern, enter the valve under the edge of the last wall and solder joint — get hull-shell snuff-boxes. Plug-in turns the bottom and the lid, propela them on the perimeter of (insert Bank). You can now perform the angular cut out pattern cap: turn down the edge to interface with each other and propium them — formed a kind of “bowl” — it will cover is tightly put on the body.
Having made such a convenient container for storing pipe tobacco, want and accordingly make his appearance so that he looked nice. Possible, as they say, options.
The most versatile of them — pasting texture paper or film (especially now that they are on self-adhesive basis). This embodiment is particularly suitable for the casing made of cardboard, while for plywood or tin of execution and possible painting or varnishing. In any case, looks impressive also, the use of an application: gluing on the side surface of the housing suitable for the theme of the photograph — for example, beautiful tube (and possibly just its contour image).

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