SOFT CRADLEThe design of this simple and quite affordable for the independent production of carrycot offers the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster”.
The upper rectangular frame, mounted in two racks with dual crossbar and two legs, rocking — is it the “hard” part. Actually the cradle is a soft fabric basket with liner-the bottom of the plywood.
First made frame from bruskov section of 30X30 mm and length: long side — 900 mm, for transverse — 610 mm. the Connection of these parts by inserting a round tenon on glue (carpentry, casein, PVA).
Fig. 1. Wooden base bassinet
Fig. 1. Wood base cradles:
1 — frame. 2 — the rack 3 — rod suspension,4-the bottom-liner, 5 — foot-rocking, 6 — cross, 7 — slot for the hook.

For racks it is better to use the cleats, 30X60X900 mm; they cut out the grooves vpoldereva to connect with feet rocking. The last are made of boards of the size 25X120X680 mm. Cross — boards of the same thickness. Connection details between themselves on the screws or furniture bolts with wing nuts — in the latter case, the design is very portable and convenient, for example when leaving the country.
Fig. 2. Pattern fabric of the carrycot
Fig. 2. Pattern fabric of the carrycot
The cradle is made of any durable fabric, with longitudinal pockets along the top edge, and down insert for rigidity wooden rods ø 30 mm; for them the cradle is suspended on the hooks of the frame. On the bottom fit the bottom plywood sheet with a thickness of 3 mm, and the cot ready.

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