For his bike, I chose a folding bike “Desna-2” In model-849 with smaller wheels (20 X 1.75). To install it on the motor, did some fine-tuning.
Fig. 1. Bicycle
Fig. 1. Bicycle “Desna” with the motor:
1 — the Chine beam of the frame. 2 — strut 3 — clamp the shock absorber. 4 — headlight. 5 — toggle switch, in — tube frame reinforcement, 7 — engine. 8 — seat front frame. 9 — trunk. 10 — tank ,11 — elongated strut boot, 12 — star, 13 — sprocket chain tension. 14 — the clip on the engine. 15 is a support tube bracket to the engine.

Frame reinforced: between the steering column and the cap beam welded l-shaped tube. The front fork had to podrastaet two springs to remove or mitigate jolts from irregularities in the road. On sleeve rear wheel mounted on the left side an additional star from the motorbike brand 16MV.
Fig. 2. Frame reinforcement
Fig. 2. Frame reinforcement:
1 steering column 2 — tube amplification. 3 — spinal beam of the frame.

Modified and strengthened rear trunk, preserving its functions and extending them several: attached underneath the tank, from which fuel is gravity fed on the fuel line to the carb К34Б.
Fig. 3. Shock absorber front wheel
Fig. 3. Shock absorber front wheel:
1 — hour, 2 — spring 3 — adjusting nut. 4 — clamp. 5 — the steering rack.

Engine D-6 is mounted by means of auxiliary tubes and clamps on the center sill and the seat rack. To stop the engine while on the right hand steering, a toggle switch, breaking the primary circuit of the magneto of the engine. To ensure traffic safety at night, Bicycle have a front headlight (with high and low beams) and the red brake light in the back.
R and p. 4. Motor mount
R and S. 4. Motor mount:
1 — seat front frame 2 —spinal beam of the frame. 3 — clamp 4 — mounting bracket muffler, 5 tube {engine mounting bracket). 6 — clamp. 7 — bracket tension sprocket, 8 —sprocket tension.

Weight foldable moped got about 30 kgf, it is possible to lift and carry when folded. For easy storage manufactured wooden stand-trolley on wheels. The machine requires a little — 100 X 50 cm
Fig. 5. The installation of the gas tank
Fig. 5. The installation of the tank:
1 — rear plug,2 — elongated front trunk. 3 — brackets of the fuel tank. 4 — the trunk. 5 — gas tank.


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